17 April 2014

Meandering in Malta: The Citadella in Gozo

The highlight of my three-night stay in Gozo was the Citadella. This fortified walled-city is located in Victoria, which is the largest town of the island. I can see the citadella from Xagħra, which was the village I was staying in. In fact, walking from Xagħra to the Citadella felt a little quasi-dramatic. I was crossing the fields while gazing at this huge piece of rock up front.

15 April 2014

Book Review: The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The pages flew by, yet again.

After reading The Shadow of the Wind back in 2007, as well as The Angel's Game last year, I picked up The Prisoner of Heaven, which picks up the action after The Shadow, as well as providing linking material between The Shadow and The Angel's Game. It isn't a very massive book, unlike the others. Yet, it still is a page turner.

This is the story of Daniel Sempere and Fermin Romero de Torres. Most of it are flashbacks by Fermin, who was imprisoned in the castle outside of Barcelona. The main antagonist is Mauricio Valls, a literary fanatic who has a huge delusion of grandeur. This novel reveals that David Martin (the main character of The Angel's Game) was imprisoned by Valls so that Martin can write a novel for Valls, which would then propel Valls to literary stardom. This conflict, however, is minor, as most of the action takes place among the other prisoners around Martin, one of which is Fermin Romero de Torres.

13 April 2014

Meandering in Malta: Ta' Kola Windmill

After visiting the Ġgantija Temple, I headed here. The nice thing about Malta's archaeological and historical sites is that they are all part of one unified ticketing system. So I bought a Heritage Pass, which allowed me to see several sites across the country for a discounted price. This one was the second thing I saw in the country.

11 April 2014


Good news, boys and girls, two months from now I will be in Pisa!

09 April 2014

Meandering in Malta: Ġgantija Temple Complex

During my second day in Gozo, I walked all the day to the center of town, so that I will be there when the Ġgantija Temple Complex opens. This is a Neolithic temple, built more than 5500 years old, and are one of the oldest religious structures in the world.