22 July 2014

When Scott Died

As I write this post in the middle of June, it's been less than a day since I received a message from some of my friends that I met in Buffalo. It turns out that someone we all knew from graduate school had recently passed away. And while I personally was never very close to him, it still felt like there was a void left gaping wide open.

20 July 2014

The Globe Museum in Vienna

Last March, I found myself in Vienna, for a long weekend. It was a relatively short visit, being a rather spontaneous one, so I just flew in Friday evening, couchsurfed with a local, and flew back Sunday evening. Since I already visited Vienna 9 years ago, I wasn't too keen on seeing the sights. However, we still did some sight-seeing, but we went to the atypical places, so to speak. This time, we went to the Globe Museum, which is part of the Austrian National Library, and is the only museum in the world dedicated to three-dimensional representations of the earth.

18 July 2014

Berlin Boogie: Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg

When we went to the Museum Berggruen, we also crossed the road and visited the Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection. It is just across the street, and since the ticket allowed access to both museums, we thought why would we skip it, when we could check it out in the same day? So we did.

16 July 2014

Piano Quartet in the Spiegelsaal

Last month, I went again to the Spiegelsaal, which is a very old building that happens to be a concert hall as well. I have been here before, watching a piano recital of Evgenia Rubinova. This time, I watched the piano quartet composed of Rodrigo Bauza, Carolina Montes, Constance Ricard, and Naaman Wagner.

14 July 2014

Berlin Boogie: The Berggruen Museum

One fine day back in February, we went to the Museum Berggruen. This museum is located in Charlottenburg, in front of the Charlottenburg Palace. This museum consists of modern art pieces that were previously collected by Heinz Berggruen, which he in turn bequeathed to the city, which happens to be his native town. Hence, it is now part of the collection of the National Gallery of Berlin. The collection's forte is on classical modern art pieces, centering much on Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti, Georges Braque, and Paul Klee.