18 January 2018

Book Review: Mut für Zwei by Julia Malchow

Reading this travel narrative makes me realise that there are many different ways of travel. And that there is no "correct" way to travel. Not that I thought there was, but somehow most people think that their way of travel is the correct way of travel. Somehow I think that authors of travel narratives think that way.

Anyway, this book is about one woman's journey through the Trans-Siberian, taking the train from Saint Petersburg to Beijing via Ulan Bator. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, she did it with a ten-month-old baby.

I am not sure how I feel about the idea of traveling with a child. In the book, she made it sound like she wanted to prove that traveling with a baby is indeed doable, but was it wise? There were a few moments when she had issues on the road which would not have arisen if not for the baby. Little medical emergencies, travel delays, and other issues that would have been easy to deal with if one were at home. So there's a part of me that thinks that as much as you can travel with a baby, it's probably not the wisest idea.

16 January 2018

Spain 3.0: Camp Nou

I am not a football fan. I don't really follow the games, whether it's the World Cup or professional teams. However, as I was in Barcelona, and I wanted to figure out what makes people from this city tick, I opted to visit Camp Nou, the home turf of FC Barcelona. I don't follow football, but I definitely know that this team is quite famous.

14 January 2018

Toilet Rituals in the Duty-Free Section of the Airport

I have done some traveling a few months ago, which involved flying. And in multiple times, I have seen the same strange behavior of passengers when they are in the duty-free section of the airport. I was in Bilbao Airport in October, and again when I was in Brussels Airport in November, I have seen the same thing happen. I see several passengers who would do things that one would typically do in one’s own bathroom.

12 January 2018

Spain 3.0: CosmoCaixa

After getting back fro Tarragona, I noticed that I still had quite some time in the afternoon. After all, dinner is rather late in Barcelona and the rest of Spain, so I figured I head up to the hills again and check out something. I opted for the CosmoCaixa Barcelona, a science museum. It used to be known as the Science Museum of Barcelona, and after extensive renovations some years ago, it reopened with its current name.

10 January 2018

The Truth about The Truth: Leaks on Jehovah's Witnesses & Child Abuse

Guess what? The Watchtower Society (the parent organisation of the Jehovah's Witness cult) is leaking. They have been faced with several lawsuits and subpoenas requiring them to surrender secret documents about how they have handled child abuse in the organisation. They don't want to surrender these documents, in fact, they are paying a fine of $4000.00 per day just to keep those documents secret. Well guess what? There is a leak.