22 February 2017

Impressions and Images of Iran: Sights in the Old City of Yazd

As I mentioned before, Yazd doesn't have big-ticket sights like Isfahan. Nevertheless, it's a highlight of an Iran visit, due to its setting. And there are also several little sights scattered all over the place that it is simply a delight to deliberately get lost in the Old City. In this post, I am showing pictures from three sights, the Alexander's Prison, the Amir Chakhmaq Complex, and the Ateshkadeh or Zoroastrian Fire Temple.

20 February 2017

The German Public Voice

A few months ago, I wrote about how Germans have the concept of a private voice. This is the voice that they use whenever they are in public, and silence is golden. Talking is more or less verboten among strangers, and talking within acquaintances is kept to a minimum when you are in public, and definitely in a low volume. Thus, you rarely see public drama: in public, children are rarely disciplined loudly by their parents, and lovers rarely shout at each other. This all changes when it is the New Year, somehow.

18 February 2017

Impressions and Images of Iran: Khāneh-ye Larihā (Lari House) in Yazd

Kashan might have the lion's share of fantastic Persian traditional houses, but Yazd also has some buildings that are worth a look. Yazd doesn't have big-ticket attractions unlike Isfahan, but nevertheless its desert location makes it an interesting setting to see how humans have adapted to the requirements of their surroundings.

16 February 2017

Giacomo Puccini's La Bohème

Giacomo Puccini is a composer that I wasn't familiar with until recently. Mostly because of the fact that I was trained as a classical pianist, I just don't bump too often into his music. Aside from the fact that I visited his hometown and museum once, I don't know much about him. But this changed recently, when I started going to operas. My first opera was Madama Butterfly, which I saw when I was visiting Bergen. And while I was in Budapest late last year, I saw my third opera, which was La Bohème.

14 February 2017

Impressions and Images of Iran: Bagh-e Dolat Abad in Yazd

In 2011, UNESCO listed "The Persian Gardens" as a World Heritage Site. There are actually several gardens that are included in the list, including the garden attached to the Chehel Sotun Palace in Isfahan. The Dolat Abad Garden in Yazd is also included in the list, as well as other gardens in Kashan and Shiraz which I didn't visit. The garden in Yazd however, was stunning, and I was definitely impressed.