28 July 2014

Cavorting with the Companion

I suppose I have already dropped a few hints here and there in this blog that I have been to Italy and the United Kingdom earlier this year. Yeah, back in March, I went to Tuscany as well as London for a vacation that was altogether 17 days long. This was an unusual trip, in the sense that we had to combine the two locations in one trip for personal reasons, even though Italy and the UK aren't exactly close to each other. Hence I couldn't figure out what to call this trip. In the past, I meandered in Malta, I cavorted in the Caucasus, I cavorted in Catalonia, and I gallivanted in Guatemala. Since I couldn't think of a unifying concept for the destinations involved in this trip, I am doing a different tactic. This happens to be the first extended trip I took with my partner, so I am calling this one Cavorting with the Companion just because I can.

26 July 2014


Good news, boys and girls, next month I will be heading to Buffalo!

24 July 2014

The Quirky Things in Vienna

Since I already have been to Vienna 9 years ago (Vienna was actually the city in Europe that I visited for the very first time), I didn't do much exploration. That, as well as the fact that we didn't really have a lot of time. So during our last day, we just strolled quite a bit in the city, following the recommended walks given by our maps. And in these walks, I didn't really take lots of pictures, but I did whenever I saw something that was weird or quirky.

22 July 2014

When Scott Died

As I write this post in the middle of June, it's been less than a day since I received a message from some of my friends that I met in Buffalo. It turns out that someone we all knew from graduate school had recently passed away. And while I personally was never very close to him, it still felt like there was a void left gaping wide open.

20 July 2014

The Globe Museum in Vienna

Last March, I found myself in Vienna, for a long weekend. It was a relatively short visit, being a rather spontaneous one, so I just flew in Friday evening, couchsurfed with a local, and flew back Sunday evening. Since I already visited Vienna 9 years ago, I wasn't too keen on seeing the sights. However, we still did some sight-seeing, but we went to the atypical places, so to speak. This time, we went to the Globe Museum, which is part of the Austrian National Library, and is the only museum in the world dedicated to three-dimensional representations of the earth.