23 October 2016

How to Leave the Jehovah's Witnesses, No. 4: How to Deal with Witness Parents

One of the harder aspects of trying to leave the Witnesses is the fact that this religion dictates how families deal with each other, and the crucial thing is that it has a shunning rule: anyone who decides to leave the religion is ostracized not only by other members, but also by the members of their own family. In my personal experience, I haven't had a working relationship with my parents for years now, primarily for this reason. And if you're an adolescent, living within your parents' household, and your parents are forcing you to perform religious activities, so that you would be a Witness, you have a tough time. This article will try to give pointers on how to improve your situation.

21 October 2016

Sauntering in Slovenia: The Romanesque Church in Hrastovlje

While we were on our way to Piran, we stopped by a small village in the area. The Village is Hrastovlje, with 139 inhabitants, so this is definitely small. I don't think there's public transportation to this village, so we took advantage of the fact that we had a car. If we didn't have our own set of wheels, we probably wouldn't go here.

19 October 2016

When You Finally Enjoy a Conference City

I'm writing this from the airport in Bilbao. I was here for a few days due to a conference. And I suppose I realized that this is the first time in which I have attended a conference and actually liked the city where the conference is being held. Bilbao is amazing, and there are plenty of reasons why one would like this town. And I am not talking about the contents of the conference.

17 October 2016

Sauntering in Slovenia: Anthony Mine Shaft in Idrija

The day after we went to Tolmin, we decided to explore the other side of the area. Tolmin was west of where we were staying in Ajdovščina, so this time, we went east to Idrija. Idrija happens to be a famous town due to mercury mining. In fact, UNESCO granted World Heritage status to Idrija, due to the importance of its mercury mines, together with Almaden, Spain.

15 October 2016

Book Review: Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann

So this was rather different. I heard of this book first from my husband, who was reading it (albeit in Hungarian) last year. He was laughing quite a bit while he was reading it, so naturally, I was curious what it was about.

This book is a detective story, but not your usual detective story. The main detective isn’t human, but a herd of sheep. See, this book opens with a death, the death of George, a shepherd. George was an old and rather unique shepherd, who read romance novels to his sheep. The sheep refer to these novels as the Pamela stories, as they often feature hot babes with the name Pamela. One day, they find their shepherd dead, in the middle of the field, with a spade driven in the middle of his body. So the sheep decided that they would try to find out who killed their shepherd. After all, their shepherd also read detective novels to them, so they know how to do it, or so they think.