Note: This page lists the travelogues for trips I have taken outside of the area I live in. I have lived in Buffalo from 2005 to 2012, and I have been living in Berlin from 2012. I think it feels bizarre to categorize entries pertaining to Western New York and the Greater Toronto Area, as well as the Greater Berlin Area, as trips. However, I still have written about things found around the area where I live; to find my travelogues near where I live, click here.

2015: Paris

2015: Israel and Palestine

2015: Myanmar (with Malaysia, Thailand, and Hungary)

2014: Warsaw

2014: Boston and New York City

2014: Rotterdam

2014: Pisa and Cinque Terre

2014: Bologna, San Marino, Tuscany, and London

2014: Vienna

2014: Malta

2014: Stralsund and Rügen

2014: Belgium

2014: Baden-Württemberg

2013: Armenia and Georgia

2013: Switzerland

2013: Spain

2013: Bulgaria

2013: Luxembourg and Belgium

2013: Netherlands

2013: Strasbourg and Schwarzwald

2013: Göttingen

2012: New York City

2012: Los Angeles

2012: Germany

2012: Guatemala and Honduras

2012: Portland, OR

2011: Chile

2011: New York City

2011: Japan

2011: Philippines

2011: Mexico

2010: Philippines

2009: Boston

2009: Kentucky and West Virginia

2009: Southeast Pennsylvania

2008: Peru (with a Detour in Colombia)

2007: Washington DC

2007: New York City

2007: Ecuador

2006: Czech Republic

2006: New York City