25 July 2005

Blue Monday

Today was declared a Special Non-Working Holiday in Metro Manila. That meant my sister won't be having classes today, since the university is in Metro Manila. There will be a State Of The Nation Adress today, to be given by the president, who is currently being bombarded by scandals. So, in order to keep the rallygoers away, she declared it a holiday. So that people would stay at home.

We went to the bank to pay the car insurance. We needed to settle that before we can have it registered, which will happen on the first week of August. There was a misunderstanding with the bank manager, because we never received a maturation notice. It was because of a simple misunderstanding, but my sister got a bit fired about it, and made it very very clear to the bank manager, that we are not at fault if we wanted to rush the paperwork. We want the policy to be ready by the end of the week, so as to be all set for the registration next week. My attitude was not that indignant, it was like "Ok, move on." But my sister wanted to manager to acknowledge that the delay was their fault, and not ours. Is it a female thing? I think she was being too emotional, while I think the matter could have been dealt with with a more rational and logical kind of way.

The water pressure is low today. I hate it when this happens. Usually, this happens when most of the people are around, and since today is a holiday, most people are around, using water. Thus, the pressure is down.

Regarding my move, things are slowly getting into place. I already have a place to stay, and I've learned that someone is willing to pick me up from the airport. It was a friend of a friend of my mother. My mother, who lives in Vienna, has a friend, who I met when I was there on vacation. This friend, in turn, has an old friend, who lives in Niagara Falls, which is near Buffalo. After making a few emails, I've arranged for myself to be picked up.

I better wrap this up now, I still have a hundred pages to go before I finish my novel. Oh, and it's lunch time already, I need to whip up something to eat.


  1. It's great your plans are all falling into place for your move!! How exciting!!

  2. Yeah, it is exciting, and a bit nerve-wracking too!

  3. It's fantastic that you're being picked up - it saves you a lot of trouble upon arrival, you'll probably be tired then, so that's nice.

  4. Oh how exciting! :o) Good luck and have fun.