18 July 2005


I dunno how to begin posting to this anymore. This is my second blog to date. My first was another online blog, but some people (people I that wouldn't want to read this blog) found out about it. Some after two years, I'm trying to write one again...

I actually was reading the blog of a friend before starting one myself. I wanted to experience the fun again.

Well, I guess the immediate feeling I am having right now is: BOREDOM. I am staying at the house right now, counting the days.

Because in less than a month, I am moving out.

Yes, moving out of the parent's nest. Flying somewhere else, crossing eleven time zones in 23 hours.



To think of all the things I need to settle before actually leaving...

I guess this is enough. I'll settle down for today, grab my book, and leave you all.

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