22 July 2005

Eccentricities and Career Abandonments

I just had breakfast today. I microwaved an instant organic oatmeal package. The kind that you just add 2/3 cups of water and microwave it in HIGH for 90 seconds. Yuck! Tasteless. So I added a tablespoonful of sugar, which fortunately, did the trick. Maybe because it's not Quaker, I bought it in a health-food store, so maybe that's why they didn't put any sugar in it. So perhaps my putting a spoonful of sugar defeated the purpose of it's being organic.

I also had a couple of Graham Crackers with cream cheese. I guess a weird thing about my eating habits is my knack at combining stuff for different purposes. By the way, if you are going to try out Graham Crackers with cream cheese, the crackers are best eaten after you let them out in room temperature for a few days, so the crunchy, cracking feel is lost (is it oxidation? but I think that term refers to rusting). Then put cream cheese on the top. The best.

Most of the time, I eat rice plain (yes, Filipinos are big on rice), but sometimes, I mix a spoonful of pesto (those you get in glass bottles, sometimes on a tube), to give it a twist. It tastes good, but my sister says that it is too herby for her.

When I was in Japan, there were instant soup that you just pour hot water and stir, most of them were chowders, clam chowders, corn chowders, etc. I usually make one of them and pour the cupful on my rice, ala risotto.

I also like to eat steamed bamboo shoots with ketchup. Bean sprouts with ketchup is good too.

Change topic: I recently gave all my sheet music to a friend who is a pianist. I used to have a huge library of classical sheet music. It was because being a composer was my dream from 1996 to 2001. Now all that's left at home is the piano we bought for my use, similar to the one below.

Now, I don't play it anymore. I play it once in a while, but I don't have my sheet music anymore, so all I can play are the ones from memory.

My friend, on the other hand, is training to be a classical pianist; he goes to the College of Music at University of the Philippines, so I felt that since I'll be outta here in three weeks, my sheet music would be of better use to him rather than rot here.

Come to think of it, it was a waste buying all that when I was in Osaka. I went to Yamaha School of Music to learn how to play, and they had an enormous library of sheet music. I lose the time just browsing the catalogues. I eventually had a sheet music collection, but then when I returned to Manila and found out that I cannot enter the College of Music of University of the Philippines, I went for my second choice.

I argued that since I speak four languages at that time, why not study language scientifically? So I majored in Linguistics instead.

I realized that humans rationalize a lot, when they don't get what they wanted. At first, I said to myself that I started my musical training late (at 13) so I couldn't have a chance. I also thought that even though I have very long fingers, they were bony and I don't have much control (which is a lame excuse, I know). During my junior year, I also met some students at the College of Music and they told me that the Composition Department is so avant-garde, that they don't play instruments in the traditional manner anymore. Instead, they play kettles, ordinary stuff, and I thought that I wouldn't like that approach to music.

Well, I guess I've made my decision now. I leave the music-playing to my friend instead.


  1. You can still play piano just for fun, which is what it's for, anyways. Hope you don't annoy your neighbours while playing though - we had one neighbour who played the piano daily, but didn't know how to play.

    Oxidation refers to burning in general - rust is just another form of that. I don't know what thge technical name is for crackers getting soft, though. Anyways, nice eating habits. I always have peanutbutter covered with super-sugary fruity-sprinkles fo breakfast for that extra sugar-boost in the morning!

  2. hi lolo! buti naman at nakatulong ako =) i linked u back. tapos, pwede mong ibaba yung I POWER BLOGGER at iakyat yung Read this too section mo. You make kalikot your template. HAHAHA!!! Pwede mo ding gayahin yung font style ng recent posts by copying the link. Para pare-pareho di ba?

  3. I blogrolled you, in return, too.

    I wish I knew how to play piano! I've always wanted to.... I heard it was harder to learn the older you got so I've not ever took it upon myself to learn.