29 July 2005


After two very long posts, I actually find myself that I don't have anything to say today! I don't have anything scheduled today, just stay at home. What I'll do is some chores, that's it.

I tended to some academic work moments ago. I emailed someone from Academia Sinica asking them for the comments that were given to my paper. Remember the Taiwan stint I mentioned a few posts back? There was an annual academic conference where I got to participate in. I presented a paper to the international academic community. I wrote a senior thesis during my senior year, and I revised it to be a journal-style paper. I presented that paper in that conference.

Well, everything went well. And I learned that all the papers that were presented in the conference will be published in the journal of the Institute of Linguistics. So we have until December to edit our papers for publishing.

Why I emailed my contact in Academia Sinica was because I wanted to have a copy of the comments that they gave to my paper. Before I got to present it, I submitted it to a committee, and they reviewed my paper whether it is sound or not. Well, I wanted to have those comments so that when I edit it, I'd take those comments into consideration.

There, just that. Nothing else that's significant today. I'll just browse some other's blogs and do my housework afterwards.


  1. Did you get your house work done? I didn't :(

  2. All you need is some motivation. If you think that if you don't do it today, you'll have to do it some other day still, then why not do it today and get it over with?

  3. I just had too much - it wasn't that I put it off ;) hehe