26 July 2005


I went to the department store today to do some shopping. I bought some items which I thought I needed to replace. After all, some of the items in my wardrobe are like 4 years old, so I definitely needed some replacement. Besides, I am moving in three weeks, so that's another excuse to go shopping.

I bought some of these.

And some of these.

And some of these.

And of course, some of these.

Now what should I do to the old items?

I also went to a cellphone repair store to have my cellphone unlocked. My phone is locked with a local provider. That means that I could only use the SIM card of that provider and nothing else. So, in order to be able to still use my unit in the US, I had it unlocked, so any SIM can function on my unit. The guys had a certain freeware, they input the model name, the serial number, and then press CALCULATE and a certain code appears. They then press it in the cell unit and voila! Your unit gets unlocked!

On the way home, there seemed to be a big accident on the road, that's why the bus I was on was moving like a snail on the road. Well, usually, I get irate and restless whenever there is a traffic jam, but for a change, I just lay back and slept. When I woke up, I was near my destination.

One thing that disturbed me was the presence of a fat man in the bus. No, I have nothing against his weight. But I have something against his manners. When nobody was looking, he spat on the floor of the bus. Urgh! I could see the phlegm and the way he squished it with his shoes. C'mon, where is your manners? I think the world has a deficiency of manners nowadays. I wonder if that man would spit on the floor of his house just as he did on the bus. But I guess not.


  1. Ehm... Did you buy those exact models?

    Cell-phone? I still need a new battery. I'll have to get one soon.

    As for the guy on the bus... Well, he should get fined or something.

  2. Exact type, exact cut, exact color scheme, but not the exact brand.

  3. Looks like a very profitable trip! Good choices. And about the guy on the bus... words can't describe! Hope you have a great night.

  4. Nice duds you got yourself! Those shirts look like 2Xist - is it?

    That bus fella is gross - that's just plain nasty.

  5. We don't have 2Xist here in Manila. I just borrowed their pic, but I did get V-cut shirts.

  6. I didnt know ya'll didn't have them.. but I did think that's what it was! Is it sad I knew that when I'm not a guy? LOL