20 July 2005


In the middle of the night, I was waken up by a long-distance phone call. From my parents. BY the way, my parents live seven time zones away. So when my cellphone rang at around 12:15 AM Wednesday, it was 6:15 PM Tuesday (they have Daylight Saving Time) at their place. I was already sleeping in bed.

That was just the beginning...

Our car had a busted light. Never happened to me before. Never owned a car before. When my Dad was still here, living with us, he used to take care of all the car maintenance. Our car was Toyota-manufactured, and I never saw him go and get parts other than Toyota originals. Well, when the light busted, I called Toyota and learned that they don't have a spare, that they would order it first from Japan. When my parents learned of this, they went mad and said that I wasn't using my common sense, that I should have looked for the bulb from other places, generic ones. And the phone call was 15 minutes of ranting, saying that all I know is theory and no practice. That I live by the book.

How could I function as they expected?

I live my life based on my past experiences. I learn from the past. If there is a precedent, then I might have done it, but if there isn't then I most probably won't. Since I never saw my Dad get parts and supplies from shops other than Toyota, I never thought that I could get one now. But they expected it from me as if it was the rational thing. They expected me to be superhuman, discerning everything, omnipotent, omniscient.

So there, a good night's sleep ruined by a fifteen-minute phone call. So now I'm awake again, I'll wait till the office hours commence, and I'll gonna make some phone calls of my own.


  1. i got your comment on my blog and started to read over some of yours as well. i'm sure you feel as if you have missed out on some of the joys of life but then again so do i. somedays i regret starting a family so early in life and not getting to see the world without worring about car seats and sippy cups. i envy you your education and the places you've been able to experience. dont get me wrong i love my girls and wouldnt change them for the world...but sometimes i just wonder what i missed out on. sounds like you've been a bunch of places so far and are only going to continue to explore. i look forward to hearing about and reading about your travels.

  2. Well, that stinks...

    By the way - those caterpillars really make you itch? Yikes.