11 August 2005

Avocados Anyone?

I accomplished some overdue tasks today. I finally called my grandmother. The phone call was unexpectedly smooth. I didn't know what to say, except, "goodbye". Perhaps many of you have the idea that I am not the smoochy-mushy type. That's the reason why my sister is saying that I am devoid of emotions. But enough of the emotion rant, I wanna talk about my phone call.

I got the usual. The "take care of yourself" lines, the "you should call us once-in-a-while" lines, the "never bring prohibited items to the airport" lines, among others. Yes, grandma, I know. I understand. I don't have anything against my grandmother, much less against senior citizens, it's just that I feel this huge blackhole between us, some sort of a generation gap, and I cannot relate. I am close to my grandmother, but I just cannot relate to her thinking.

I called my airlines and reconfirmed my flights. So that's done. I will be riding three flights in all, in a span of 23 hours. First, I will be riding a Philippine Airlines Boeing 747-400 like the one below. This will take me from Manila to San Francisco.

Then at San Francisco I will connect to a Continental Airlines Boeing 737-700 like the one below. This will fly me from San Francisco to Cleveland.

Then, lastly, I will connect to another Continental Airlines flight, but on a smaller plane, an Embraer ERJ-145. This will take me from Cleveland to Buffalo.

I first rode on a small plane like this when we flew from Vienna to Rome and back. Nothing special, just small.

I handwashed an article of clothing just minutes ago. I should have done this yesterday, but I was so zonked after my errands and a small farewell party that I never got to do it yesterday.

Yes, you read it correctly, I handwashed it. It is a tradition that I learned during my stay in Japan. In Japan they mark the clothes whether it is machine-wash, dry clean, or handwash. There is a tag in the folds, I know most of you are familiar with it. But surprisingly, there are a lot of things that are marked handwash. Clothes with embroidery, with beads, etc. So there, if you want your clothes to last longer, wash them by hand.

It is pouring again. Good thing we harvested the other day, so I have plenty of avocados here in the cupboard, waiting to ripe. The taste isn't the same, those that were carefully picked and those that just fell to the ground. Of course the ones that we harvested are the better-tasting ones. But I am getting tired of the taste.

In the different places that I have been, I have encountered different ways of eating avocado. Let me enumerate them, and feel free to add some more you know of.

1) With sugar. While still firm, yet already ripe, slice the avocados in small pieces and dab them in sugar before eating.
2) With milk, sugar, and ice. This is my personal favorite. Spoon out the avocados and put them in a small bowl. Add sugar and milk to taste. This is similar to breakfast cereal, except that it's not breakfast. The avocados should be a bit softer when you opt for this option.
3) In sushi. I've seen variations of California maki, a sushi-type that I encountered, ironically, outside Japan. As the name suggests, PROBABLY it was invented in the States. I've seen avocados in some of them.
4) In guacamole. Yes, we all know the Mexican origin of this one.
5) With soy sauce. Yup, this is how the Japanese eat avocado. They slice it in small pieces, and similar to the first one above, except that instead of sugar, they dab it in soy sauce. Yuck! I know, I shouldn't have said that, but I just can't take it. Forgive me if you eat your avocado this way.

So, there's my post for today, let me go now, ok?

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