03 August 2005

Boiling Point

Today was a bad day, a really bad day. A really really bad day. I think I almost reached boiling point because of the happenings today. Let me recount.

We scheduled the renewal of the car registration today, so, to avoid the long lines of red tape ((c) 2005 Philippines), so we arrived at the office by 7:30 am. The first step was to take the emission test, to ensure that the car isn't polluting. But when we got to the emission testing center, we learned that it was a blackout (a.k.a. no electricity: we have these moments sometimes in the Philippines). So the computer can't function, so that means we can't have the test.

So we decided to have the stencil thing done first. It is a requirement to stencil the chassis number and the engine number in a sheet of paper. So we asked a guy to do it.

Then we went to the inspection center, where they check the lights and the brakes and the everything to see if it is still functioning. Everything was fine. But when the guy saw the paper with the stencil, he said that it is the wrong stencil. Coz the guy who did it only stenciled the numbers on the body of the car, not from the engine ITSELF. Bummer. So we re-did it, and asked another guy, who is more knowledgeable. This time, it was successful.

And we checked the emission center again, and this time, the power was back. So we got to take the test, and of course, the car passed.

So, all the preliminary paperwork was done, and it was time to actually register the car. We went inside the office compound, looking for a parking space, and there was actually one. The security guard was guiding my sister, who was driving at the time, when suddenly, POW! Then, SSSSSSSSSSSSS....... Our front right tire had a flat. Apparently, there was a piece of metal that the guard didn't see and the tire just ran over it. It kinda reminds me of the Concorde tragedy last 2000, when it crashed on Paris Charles de Gaulle airport when it took off and the wheels ran over a piece of metal that fell from a plane that took off before it.

One good thing that happened was that there were some men nearby, and they helped to change the tires. Yeah, that's one thing i'm proud of being a Filipino, even though we have corrupt rulers, long lines, sometimes, people are just willing to lend a helping hand.

So, I went to line up and do the paperwork, while my sister and the men changed the tires. We finished before lunchtime.

So, that was it for the car. We went to the next city, to go to a mall we don't frequent. it's because we wanted to check out the office of an ISP we are looking at. Remember we wanted to change providers? So we had lunch there, together with my sister, a 10-inch pizza and spaghetti with giant meatballs, plus a diet coke. Unfortunately, they don't have beer, since pizza goes well with it.

So we got a brochure. We also went to the office of our current ISP, only to learn that they moved out of the office. But our account is still functioning! A ghost ISP! I need to try and call the contact number that the building gave us.

So there's my day of errands, my final set of errands here in Manila. I won't be doing anything else until I leave. All my obligations are done. I leave everything to my sister now. (Yes!!!)

I almost reached boiling point today. I just hate the long lines and the long hours of waiting, add to that the flat tire and the added expenses of repairing it. When I was in Vienna, I remarked at how punctual and rigid the lives of the people there are. They are always on the dot, if you're a minute late, then you're paying big time. But then, after today, I think I prefer that kind of time management than what we call here Filipino Time.


  1. Ouch! You just didn't have your day, did you? Be glad it's over.

    Better luck tomorrow, too.

  2. Well, just be thankful it was just a flat and not something more major?!

    I, too, hope you have a better day today (or tomorrow, whichever it is there)

  3. Oh I am with PureMood at least it wasn't anything major. Hope you have a better day! :o) Keep smiling