10 August 2005

Cleaning Day

Wednesday is usually my cleaning day, chores day, errands day, everything-is-possible day. Why? It's because of the schedule scheme in UP. When I was still an undergrad, I had classes Monday to Friday except Wednesday. So that makes the day my extra day, which I use for work.

Now that I am momentarily out of school (which will change in a couple of weeks), I still do my errands on Wednesday. Today is my final Wednesday here in Manila. It consisted of the following:

1) We went to an automotive shop and bought a pair of new tires. Two Dunlop 275/70R16. We changed the two front wheels. We also disposed of the old tire which had the big ripped hole in it.
2) I vacuumed the whole house today (note: this isn't happening yet; I am blogging right after I got home from the auto shop, resting a bit. I'm writing it in the past tense to ensure that it happens, hehe). This is the last time I am going to vacuum this house. I wonder what kind of house my apartment will be.
3) I also changed the battery of the car. The battery was already 2 years old, and so it was time to change it.
4) I will do some handwashing this evening. So that I can iron it tomorrow and pack it in my bags.

That's what's in store for me today. I wonder how my errands will be in Buffalo. Instead of sweeping the yard of leaves, I might be shoveling the pathway of snow. Quite a few people have warned me of the intense snow that area of the globe gets. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Short post, I know, don't worry, lots of things are going to happen pretty soon.


  1. It's okay, us long-posters don't always have the required time for actual long-posting, do we? Especially since it seems your day was/is rather busy!

  2. If you ask me, the post wasn't that short ;)

    Handwashing? You are going to wash your clothes by hand?

  3. @PM: Yup, the thing with these huge American-sized washing machines is that they are too rough on some of the delicate clothes. I handwash some of my delicates to minimize damage. Not an American tradition I suppose...