16 August 2005

Cleared for Takeoff

Less than ten hours remain for me here in Manila. I’ve done all of the preparations that needs to be done. Nothing else. All I can do now is wait.

My room is already vacated. No more décor, no more personal stuff. All the signs of me being the occupant were removed already.

I also swept the yard for the last time, lighting up a fire to burn the dried leaves. Together with the leaves, I also burned the academic articles that I read in undergrad, accumulated through the four years of study.

My two suitcases are closed by now, locked and tied up with bright rope. So I can distinguish it easily among the plethora of luggages whenever I need to find them.

I also finished my novel, Pet Sematary. After reading it, I immediately put it together with the stuff that will be given away. As usual with Stephen King novels, it has a great deal to do with the effects of childhood experiences to adults, and also on man’s attempt on rationalization when comfronted with dire circumstances.

Three Sundays ago, I visited the bookstore to get myself a new book that I would start to read while on the plane. I bought Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum. I am shying away from horror this time. I’ll delve into science fiction and conspiracy theories.

I am feeding the dogs for the last time this lunch.

Maybe you noticed the few changes I did with this blog. I changed my location, I changed my Weatherboy, and I’ve changed my clock to reflect Eastern Standard Time. So it would reflect my next location. Too bad because of that, the times of my previous posts came a bit scrambled.

I sent a mass see-you-later note to my friends yesterday. It took me four pages in Word.

So, there you go, my last Philippines-based post. Don’t worry, I will post again as soon as I get to lay my hands on a computer. I will still buy a laptop when I get there, so be patient for a bit.

LIW here, signing off…temporarily.


  1. Post when you can so we all know you arrived safely. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Good luck on your journey! And indeed, do keep us posted as soon as bloggerly possible.

  3. lolo! greetings from caloocan. will be here a month. hehehe. sayang di na tayo nag-abot. how are you doing?