30 August 2005

First Day of Grad School

Today was my first day of grad school. I had a class from four pm. And good thing I got to participate, even in a small way. I already bought the textbook, and I need to read a chapter before Wednesday, when we meet again. I also downloaded a couple of readings from the internet for another class, that is, tomorrow.

One thing I kinda hate about this university is that everything is online. What if the system crashes? What if I don't have a computer, yet? (I'm still waiting for my parents' wire, then I'll buy a laptop.) Anyway, it has its own ups and downs.

Tomorrow I will meet my TA class. I wonder howmy students would be like. One thing I notice here is that most of the people are big. I mean, regular white Caucasian people, especially males, can be big. My height is 5 foot 8 inches, and most of the people are bigger than me. That's why I need to present myself a bit different from them, dress differently, act more seriously, so that I earn their respect. Whew...

I am still having these weird feelings about the time zone. I mean, I am 12 hours behind Manila. Whenever it is morning here it is already evening in the Philippines. That's why I cannot catch my friends online. Awww...

Anyway, I still got two articles to read, plus a chapter from a book. I can feel the headaches now...


  1. good luck!
    My first day at Secondary Superior School (here in Italy, I was thirty and my students 15-19) I worn a pale green tailleur and a foulard which made me look an older acid teacher!
    It did work however!

  2. Least that first day is behind you! Internet is the way to be now-a-days -they do have backups, right? I'd hope so...