24 August 2005

Head Bombs

My first week is about to close. Uugghh!! Life here can be very contradictory. Life is so slow outside the campus, unlike in Manila, while life in the campus can be very stressful. There is so much stuff I need to cram in my head in a week. And it is not even academic learning. It is about immigration, visa stuff, housing, insurance, being a teaching assistant, tax payments, et cetera.

I am slowly stacking up on my kitchen. I hate eating out all the time, it dents my pocket and it is not healthy. So far I have the basic necessities to start cooking.

So, there is my short update again. Wait till I get my own equipment then I promise I will write something long.

By the way, how come there are spam comments on my blog? I just registered my blog on some blog directories, and suddenly I receive comments about t-shirts and spouse problems and all that. But to those that really read this, I appreciate it that you find my life interesting enough to be read.


  1. Ah, the Spam. I also had that problem. Turns out, in your Dashboard, you go to Change Settings, click comments, and then somewhere down the line there is this " Show word verification for comments?" thingy, that if you click yes, it should keep out the spammers.

    Besides that, yea, eating out all the time can get rather expensive. Good luck on getting all the stuff you need!

  2. Those spammers are from blogger not from the spam directories.