07 August 2005

Only Happy When It Rains

Still raining today. According to the weather forecast, this will continue on till Wednesday. At least, today it has been milder than yesterday. A little sun came out actually this morning.

Today will be the last time my sister and I will have a "date." We'll watch a movie and then eat out. I wonder when will be the next time I get to eat out with my sister, together with my family. Probably after five years?

One thing I don't like with this rain going on is that my avocados are falling to the ground, and I can't harvest them because the ground is wet. If only the rain stops, and then I'll get my long stick and harvest them. I actually found my neighbor stealing some. I scolded him yesterday. If the branch was crossing over to the fence and the fruit was over there, I wouldn't mind. But he was using a long stick and actually crossing over our perimeter fence and plucking my avocados! It would have been ok, if he asked permission first, but he didn't and that was just wrong.

Short post today, I know. Nothing exciting happening, yet. No emotional rants to rant about, no physical achievements, no mental tasks completed.

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  1. Ooh, you gotta love those calm uneventful days. It's a change from that constant pressure moving must be putting you under.