26 August 2005


This morning I had a brief panicky situation in my bathroom. When I went inside my bathroom to shower, something bad surprised me. This was around 7 am. So I brushed my teeth, shaved, then stripped, then threw my clothes on the corner. I was about to climb into the tub, when I glanced at the mirror. I saw something glimmering on my forehead. I looked closer, and then parted my hair. I found one, two, three, four, five strands of grey hair.


Am I getting old?

I know I have one strand, but then since I came here it seems that it is multiplying.

I searched for some more minutes, and I found six, seven, eight, going....


23 strands in all.

I'm getting old. I better come to terms with it.

Classes start this Monday. I have 12 units of class, plus 3 units as a teaching assistant, plus a couple hours of office hours. I navigated the campus already, I've already stalked the libraries and checked where my books would be.

So, I've learned something new today. Grad school can make you old.


  1. LOL, be thrilled that they are still there and only changing color. My husbands starting jumping out of his head at your age. Nearly 20 years your senior you can only imagine what his head looks like now.

    Don't sweat it, it's only hair. Good luck in Grad. school!

  2. No big deal... some silver can make you sexy in the eyes of others. :)

    My husband is black headed (tho he'll say dark brown) and he sports some silver (grey). Looks good, I think. He's far from being grey headed... just a few to shine, is all. He's had some for a while...

    Dark (black) haired folks seem to get the grey sooner. It doesn't mean you're old :)

    Don't sweat the small stuff.