01 August 2005

Sickness on the Horizon

Upon waking up today, I felt like I have a mild sore throat. Oh no. For me, a sore throat usually is a sign of an impending cold. I hate to have a cold at a time like this. I only have two weeks in Manila, the weather condition will soon change and I have to adapt to the new surroundings, and I have a cold. Bad.

I need to boost my immune system, so I popped a couple of Vitamin C's.

I have quite a bit of chores today, I need to sweep the yard of leaves: quite a bit of rain fell last night, so there's tons of leaves lying on the yard. I'll sweep them and burn them up, together with the burnable garbage in the house (unfortunately, the garbage system here in Manila is not efficient, if I wait for the garbage collector to pick up the garbage, then I'd have a big pile on my front yard, so usually, we burn the burnables here).

I also have some phone calls to make...

1. Call the Land Transportation Office and check if their fees for the car registration renewal is still the same as last year.
2. Call Continental Airlines and check if their luggage allowance is the same as Philippine Airlines (I'm connecting on CO via San Francisco).
3. Call my bank manager and remind her of my appointment with her tomorrow.
4. Call different Internet service providers and check for their rates (we want to shift from our current one, coz this current one is giving us headaches).
5. Call some of my old school friends and tell them I'm bidding them goodbye for the time being.
6. Call my grandmother in the province, and tell her I'm going out of the country and will never see her again perhaps for the next five years.

The last one might be tough. I am not used to sentimental talk. It's just saying goodbye, but somehow I feel like it's more than that.

After the phone call sessions, I'll start packing, slowly. I already brought one of my suitcases from the storage room; I'll bring the other one down, dust it, and open it. Whenever I open a suitcase, there is this funny smell. It's not a bad smell, it's just the smell of hotels and airports that I always catch whenever I travel. I smelled it in different hotels. So we called it "The Hotel Smell." I can't really describe it, but it smells sanitized, sterile, and ergonomic. It smells similar to a new product, say you have a new gadget fresh from the box. Try to smell it and the smell is similar.

There. That's my post for the day, let me log off and eat my breakfast.


  1. you're eating breakfast while i'm having a midnight snack :)

    ya know, it isn't saying goodbye. inever say goodbye to people, tell her you'll see her next time... becasue to me goodbye is like forever and i don't say that, maybe i'm odd... i say till next time, c-ya, or something.... and i do know it's hard, when i left my hometown to move to the other side of the US.... and i had to deal with such as a military wife when my husband was deployed...

    hopefully, you will see her again... just give her a real big hug and take a photo, i always do...

  2. lolo, its the smell of bleach. hehehe=)

  3. Good luck on those phone-calls. That can be tough on people, sometimes.

    And pack well. But you probably know how to do that, right?