02 August 2005

Sorting It Out

As of today, I only have two weeks left here in Manila. Getting closer and closer by the minute. I've already opened my two suitcases, dusted them, and I've already put inside things that I know I'll be needing in Buffalo, and won't be using anymore during the remaining two-week period here in Manila.

Most of the stuff I'm packing are clothes, the essentials. Unfortunately, the winter clothes that I have are too small for me by now (the last time I used them was 2000, and for your information, I grew vertically, not horizontally, ok?). But that turned out to be a good thing, since I can pack in some non-clothing stuff.

Among the other things that I'll be bringing are a few spoons and forks, a blanket, a couple of towels, and if space is still permitting, I'll bring a quilt set, together with its covers. If I vacuum pack the thing, it would fit, I guess.

Also, I will be bringing this.

Some of you might recognize it, some might think that they saw it somewhere. It is a work by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, a 16th century Flemish painter. The work is entitled Tower of Babel. A fitting choice for a linguist-in-the-making, don't you think? I saw the real thing when I was in Vienna, in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, together with some of his other works. The museum had a service where they can make a digital replica of your favorite paintings. So I bought a replica of the Tower. I have it rolled in a paper cylinder, and when I get to Buffalo, I'll frame it and hang it in my apartment.

I guess I'll end my blog here, I still have something to do, like photocopying my documents, ensuring that I won't end up like Tom Hanks in The Terminal.


  1. Nice painting, that is. And yes - very appropriate. Glad you can take it along! As for winter-clothing - you'll have at least three months to get those, right?

    Good luck getting ready! Although, I guess we'll be saying that a lot from now on.

  2. Oh I don't mind. Actually, I'm glad you guys care, thanks for the best wishes and I'll keep you all updated.

  3. Where you going? You planning on staying for a long time in wherever it is you are going too? Thanks for commenting on my blog btw.

  4. @Paul: Quick recap: I'm flying this August 16 from Manila to Buffalo, NY. This is because I'm due to start my MA/PhD program in Linguistics at SUNY Buffalo.

    And yes, welcome, and thanks for the comment. :-P

  5. I hope you get everything done! These next weeks will fly by, I'm sure :)