04 August 2005

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

After the high-tensioned episodes yesterday, I rewarded myself with a loooooooooong bout of sleep. After reading a few chapters of my current book (Stephen King's The Shining), I lay down and forgot about everything. Then I was carried on to Dreamland...

That therapy never fails. To sleep it over.

By the way I want to thank all the people who showed support and sympathy. I dearly appreciated it. I'm back to normal now.

I actually had a dream today, but I can't remember even a minute detail. Anyway, I woke up at 8 am, which means I had 9 hours of sleep. Wow! A rarity! When I was still in undergrad, my average sleeping hours were around 5 or 6; I would be on the computer all night writing papers and other stuff, and then hit the sack around midnight and wake up at five.

Ok, there's this task that has been passed to me by none other than SNE. I've been tagged to list my top ten non-sexual turn-ons and turn-offs. (How come it should be non-sexual? Hehe, just kidding...)

Here they are.

Turn Ons

1) A pleasant smile that is very evident to be genuine. I seldom see these outside, but whenever I see it, the day just seems to go lightly. All the hatred and the pain seems to go away. I always get this from my bank manager and my travel agent.
2) Genuine interest in my well-being. People who ask how am I doing, or even showing interest on my plans and goals even if they're not related to it, is a person I really feel good in interacting to. Especially if you show even a small hint of curiosity about my field, then I'll be glad to expound.
3) Academic discourse and debates. I think that it exercises the brain when one thinks about the "hard stuff". Having a feminist sister helps too. And a super-friend who lives in NYC that can carry such a conversation with me.
4) People who appreciate my cooking. My mother taught both of us how to cook when we turned 13. Ever since, we've been taking turns cooking meals when my parents left. We also cook and bring food in potluck parties. I love it when people like what I brought and ask how we made it.
5) Beer. No need to expound on that.
6) Non Top-40 rock/alt-rock hits. Especially those that you really need to dig in to listen, since they aren't played on the radio. And the person who knows his/her stuff.
7) People with philosophical inclinations. Those who try to know why they exist, how they should exist, and for what should they exist.
8) Books. They take me to places. They exercise my brain. They masturbate my mind.
9) Travel. I love seeing new places and exploring them. It makes me realise again and again that I'm not alone in the world, and that my way of living isn't the only "right" way of living there is, and it also makes me see other viewpoints and make me a well-rounded person.
10) My friends from around the world. They still update me from time to time how they are doing and what changes happened from the last time we saw each other. It makes me realize the passage of time.

Turn Offs

1) An unplanned lackadaisical schedule. I hate having a non-scheduled life. I hate spontaneity. I hate disorganization. I hate the attitude that "anything goes". This is so un-Filipino, since here we have an expression Bahala na, which is similar to the Spanish que sera sera. I hate giving up control of what will happen. I believe that I have a control no matter how small it is, on how things in life will turn out. You may deduce that I don't believe in destiny and fatalism.
2) Being late. When I was in undergrad, I lived far from campus. I needed two hours one way to get to school. And still, I am one of the first ones to arrive for class. On the other hand, those who live in on-campus dormitories are the ones who arrive late. How did that happen? I hate being late, I can't even recall a time when I was late. So I also hate people for being late. If you set an appointment with me, keep it, because not only you, but also I am being put under the time constraint of the appointment.
3) People who assume things. These are the service people who assume that a Filipino don't know how to use a metal chopstick when eating in a Korean restaurant, so they give you a wooden one. No, let me decide and don't lower your standard just because you assume things. Another example was when I received the insurance maturation notice. There was a line that said We know that you would always want to be insured, so please renew your insurance immediately. Excuse me, how did you know that I want to be insured always? Don't think for me, I'll do the thinking for myself. I will never ever surrender my faculty of thinking no matter what. For me, it goes I am, therefore I will think instead of I think, therefore I am. Thinking is essential to me existence, without it, I won't exist. So I will never give it up. And don't take it from me.
4) People who give promises without keeping them. Do I need to expound on this?
5) Ignorance. When I was in Japan, there was an ignorant Japanese classmate, who was the class bully. He once was taunting me and asking stuff like Do you guys have electricity in the Philippines? How do you get to the Philippines? By boat, rowing across the sea? Do you have tall buildings like the Tokyo Tower? I bet your tallest buildings was just two storeys high. Well, the best solution to the ignorant person is simply ignore them. They'll eat their words sooner or later.
6) The humidity in Manila.
7) The control of the Catholic Church in the Philippines. I am not a Catholic, but I can still see how the Church controls the people. For one thing, artificial birth control is NOT advocated because it apparently contradicts the Church beliefs! No wonder we're being pulled and pulled down into poverty, because of the population expansion.
8) Filipino colonial mentality. I don't know why most Filipinos have this. This is the mentality where everything made abroad is good, and everything made in the Philippines is bad. Some examples are the vain attempts of Philippine women to have whiter skin, the excessive use of English in the local scene, among others. What really gets to my nerves is when I see two Filipinos talking to each other, in ENGLISH! Can't they understand their mother-tongue?
9) Rallies and riots. We have them here sometimes, even in my university, which is the bastion of student activism here. Rallies slows down the day, makes it tense, crowds the streets. The issues range from budget cuts to the current presidential scandal.
10) The unstable government. I don't know why most Asian countries have these, and it just pulls down the lives of the people. The peso is getting weak every time there is a scandal. Government shouldn't be about a power struggle. it should be about rulership, governing the citizens. People should think about the citizens, instead of themselves.

Did I just get carried away?

Oh no! I've checked your blogs, all of you answered this already. Who am I to tag? I'm new to the blogging thing, does this mean I'm it forever? Huhuhuhuhu....

Dont' worry, I'll find something good, and when I do, Ill tag you all.


  1. I agree with the smile, beer and books. Something kind of sexy about all of them... well, maybe not beer, but it helps at 2:00am. One word of advice, stay out of 24 hour restaurants such as Denny's when you have the ol' beer goggles on. Something about those lights that cause your beer goggles to shatter and truly reveal the girl you are with.

  2. Wow. You obviously took more time to answer these than I did. I'm learning more about you every day here!

    On another note; I rarely really sleep more than 6 hours either. Just thought I'd share.

  3. Wow, you went all out. I'm impressed!

    "I hate spontaneity" you said... Oh no... that's me.

  4. Girl...I am a total turn-off to you!? **shame** I am late and VERY lackadaisical!?

  5. Hehe, I'll take that advice ZL. Thank you.