10 September 2005


Today I saw a bundle of CDs on top of my desk. Then I remembered that those are the CDs where I burned the pictures that we took when we were on vacation in Athens, Rome, and Vienna. I inserted a CD inside my laptop and took a look.

The pictures can bring back memories.

Now that I feel alone (read my last post), sometimes looking at pictures can help. And coincidentally, a postcard from Paris was in my mailbox this morning. My parents wrote it and sent it while they were vacationing there.

Here is a picture I took with my mom's digicam.

Dramatic don't you think? Actually, the room wasn't that dark. We were eating in a restaurant in Rome and the table had a candle on it. I just closed-up on the candle and shot. It created a black background with just the tip of the candle emitting light. How's that for a beginner? I wanted to take crazy pictures with her equipment. Unfortunately, I don't have any equipment here in Buffalo. Maybe in the future, when I have some extra money. I'll try to buy one and show you my environs.

That picture closely reflects a bundle of my emotions recently. It dramatizes the fact that I am alone and without a family here, learning to cope with the new surroundings.

On a lighter note, that is the same environment I find myself in the library, where the light is directly in front of you and the rest of your field of vision is dark so it gives that candlelight effect.

I have to end this here, I'll go out and check a big bookstore here, Barnes-and-Noble. I'll see what they got to offer. And if I like it, I might stalk it for the time being.


  1. You should post some more pics of the trips that you were on. That is a sweet effect :0). Man I got a lot of cds waiting for me to burn all my pictures and file on. I bought 500 cds last month and I've only used a few :0)

  2. konichiwa, magandang araw kabayan. saw your comment on my blog and i thought i'll pass by. tambay ako dito sa site mo ha? hey, the candle light pic is dramatic, gives me a sense of peace and tranquility. i link you up. i'm always happy to meet other pinoys abroad.

  3. Napadaan mula sa haybols ni Ka Uro. Tulad niya isa rin akong Pilipino na naninirahan sa New Zealand. Sa North Island lang siya samantalang ako ay nasa South Island. Maganda naman at napapasyal ka sa lugal namin at least nadagdagan na naman kami ng isang bagong kababayan. Mabuhay at isang maganda at makabuluhang araw para sa iyo.

  4. Link you up. Thanks for the link. How's the weather there? We are on the opposite side of the hemisphere its quite getting hotter in here siguro luamlamig na diyan at mag-uumpisa ng manlaglag ang mga dahon dahil its autumn na samantalang dito sa amin its spring time na.

  5. nice pic dude! just blog hoppin (from atoy)!

    interesting blog! have a nice day!

    will link u up, ok?!