16 September 2005


Since today is a Friday, I only have one class, and it is the one that is three hours long, from nine to twelve. And we discussed abduction. The one in the philosophical sense, that is, abductive reasoning. Anyway, I am not in the mood for those linguistic entries in my blog right now, so I am just going to leave off without explaining what abductive reasoning is.

Yesterday, when I was in the supermarket, I found fresh mozarella. Usually, whenever one says mozzarella, people think of the light-yellow chewy loaf of cheese that is used in pizzas and pastas. Actually, that cheese, in Italian standards, is similar to the real one just by name, and should be avoided. The real mozzarella is the white one in the shape of a ball.

Well, they call it "fresh mozzarella." Fresh or real, I found some in the cheese section of the supermarket, and I was so enthralled I bought four balls. I also reached over into the vegetables section, and bought four large tomatoes. I also bought a flask of dried basil.

Yes! I am making Caprese! And I just made one for lunch today. Simple as it is, it is my most favorite salad. All you need to do is cut one large tomato into discs, and do the same for the mozzarella ball. Just cut one ball if it is for two side-dish servings. One large tomato and one mozzarella ball will be enough for a plateful.

Arrange the tomato and cheese discs in a circular shape on a plate. Make the tomato and the cheese alternate. Then, dribble extra virgin olive oil over the slices of tomato and cheese. Sprinkle a few pinches of salt and pepper. Then generously sprinkle dried basil leaves. Enjoy!

I had it for lunch, and boy it was awesome.

On a related note, I am trying to be a vegetarian again. I was a vegetarian for health reasons two years ago. I was able to be one for a year, but then the gastronomic environment in Manila wasn't really vegetarian friendly. So when I was running out of choices, I stopped. I was just sick of eating the same food day after day, since eateries always included meat in their entrees.

But arriving here, I see there are many choices for the vegetarian diet. So I am starting again. In fact, I never bought meat the last time I went to shop for food. The last items of meat in my refrigerator are two packs of deli turkey and bologna for sandwiches. So I hope after that, I'll be back to eating green again.

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