02 September 2005


The first week of graduate school just passed by. Comments so far:

1. Some of my classes are so hard to follow. Maybe because of the way the professor speaks, maybe because of the subject. But then I have to do good or else my fellowship won't be renewed.
2. Some of the people can be too big but then act immature. Maybe I am not just used to the size of American students. I see adult bodies but then their actions aren't too adult-like. I hope I won't get flamed; I am merely noting an observation, I am not criticizing.
3. I have tons of reading materials already, and good thing I have an office to stalk. I tried reading in the library, but then the lighting conditions are bad. There are small cubicles that I can sit, with an overhead light, but then it makes me feel like I am in the middle of the universe, in the middle of blackness, with a single light in front of me. So I opt to check the books out and read them in my office instead.

There, my first week. One thing that makes me happy is I received my paycheck today. What a feeling...

Tomorrow is Saturday, I will go shopping for a laptop, a notebook, whatever you call it. I had a conversation with a Russian international student a week earlier about it. It goes like this:

Russian student: Do you plan to buy a notebook?
LIW: Notebook? Of course! I need notebooks. I have four classes plus a TA class so I need to buy 5 notebooks.
RS: 5 notebooks? Are you rich? Why do you need 5? Isn't one enough?
LIW: Huh? One notebook for each subject! I write a lot of notes! So I need 5. Plus, I need to separate them so I don't need to bring everything everytime.
RS: What brand of notebook will you buy?
LIW: I'm not into brands, whatever is good in the school supplies section of the store I'm in.
RS: Oh I am asking about a computer notebook, not a literal notebook.
LIW: Oh, I see. In the Philippines we call it laptop. I didn't know that in Russia they say notebook.

So there you have an example of incoherent discourse.

Speaking about coherence in language, that is the opic of my seminar class. I already checked out a book for it from the library. I also ordered a book online, something I need for my seminar class presentation (I need to get used to the seminar format of classroom instruction, where the students are the one doing the teaching to each other, and not the professor. The professor acts simply as a moderator and a commentator.). I need to prepare for the presentation for somewhere around the third week of October. It is about coherence in language and pronoun tracking. I don't understand it, yet. But when I do, I'll try to blog about it.


  1. So you ended up all busy, didn't you? Well, good for you, I say. Are you enjoying yourself over there? Getting the hang of things, slowly but surely?

    And good luck with that notetop!

  2. " I see adult bodies but then their actions aren't too adult-like. "

    HAHA - I see that everywhere, too!! Good observation :)

  3. actually a notebook is smaller and lighter/thinner than a laptop... :)

    dapat kasi sinabi ni ruso na notebook computer para walang nalilito.. hehehe