30 September 2005


This afternoon, after my classes, there was a gathering that honors the Presidential Fellows and Dean's Scholars of the College of Arts and Sciences of UB. Since I am one of them, they sent me an invitation. So I had to sit in an auditorium and listen to subjects that differ strikingly from my field of study and afterwards enjoy the punch and the finger food that they prepared for us.

It was most welcome, for my part, since today, it seemed that the temperature dropped so low in one night. According to the forecast, it reached as low as 6 degrees Celsius today (Sorry my American readers, but I am used to the metric system; I always select the metric system in Yahoo! weather.). So I brought my jacket as well. One of my students commented about my jacket again (That is two times this week that someone commented on my wearing a leather jacket. I wonder what's with the American culture and leather jackets.). The temperature is not too cold so as to hate it, but it can be cold especially when the wind is directly blowing towards you. But so far I am enjoying it. I might have to eat my words later on in the year.

I just finished recording my students' in-class assignments, and I will grade their homework assignment later this weekend. There is also a conference that is being hosted by the Graduate Linguistics Association here in UB, that is, the Niagara Linguistics Society. I am not presenting a paper this time, I am just an attendee. But there are a couple of topics that I am interested in, and I am looking forward to hearing some of them.

The results of the test that I had last week came back today. I got 96% which translated as an A-. Too bad. I wanted an A. Anyway, maybe next time.

During the reception, I had a little chat with a fellow graduate student regarding our lives and what we are doing with it. We were amazed and surprised by the fact that different people use their lives differently. We remarked that some of our former classmates in high school and college are already married and have started a family already, while we are delaying it and instead are pursuing graduate school. It just shows the different priorities of the people.

I guess I have to end this here. I have other priorities to attend to.

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  1. 279 K?? Already? That's just plain evil! I wish you the best of luck come December!

    And 96% is just... you know... not good enough, is it?