23 September 2005


For the first time in a long while, I slept long and woke up feeling refreshed. I wonder why. Maybe it is because I didn't stay up late the night before. So here I go again with my routine. After eating breakfast, doing my morning rituals, dressing up for school, I jump on the shuttle that takes me from my apartment complex to the academic spine.

I have a test for one of my classes next Tuesday. And today was the last day that we would meet before the test. Somehow, I don't know how I would fare on the test. It seems that I know everything there is about the test, yet I still feel queasy. Maybe that is a normal thing, whenever there is a test. That's why I chose this field, because we write papers and rarely take tests, like this one I am taking. That means I need to review this weekend.

I noticed a curious thing here. Although I have seen these sightings even in Manila, never have I seen too much of these before. It is the phenomenon exhibited by young adult males. They never wear a belt, and they somehow, purposely wear their pants low, at least from my point of view. Then they wear their boxers real high so whenever they crouch, or they sit, or they lift their shirts, then you can actually see the color and design of their boxers. Now is that supposed to be sexy? For me it isn't. Maybe these guys think that it is an erogenous zone for women. That women are actually aroused seeing the type of underwear a guy wears, from the angle of the buttcrack. I just have this feeling that whenever a guy wears his pants like that, either he is too poor to buy a belt, or is just too sloppy to notice that someone can be peeking in his buttcrack.

On a different note, earlier today on my TA class, we passed the second homework assignment. They are due next Thursday. So good thing I have nothing to grade this weekend, because I am going to Rochester and I won't be having much time to do it. And good thing that the homework this time is objective and not an essay type, so I can grade it faster than how I graded it last time.

I went vegetarian again since last week. I was a vegetarian for a year in 2003. Then I stopped because there weren't enough choices in the food at school. Now I started it again, in a different environment. So as of now, I only have a pack of bologna and a jar of Italian Sausage pasta sauce, when I finish those, my refrigerator would be meatless again.


  1. Are you going veg because you think eating meat is wrong, or because you don't like the way animals are treated in order to become our food? Or maybe because it's healthier?

  2. We have those 'kinds' too here in Brunei. LOL. Plait boxers are SO the epitome of high fashion! Ultimate haute couture! Haha. Anyway, good luck on going vegetarian!

  3. My choice on going vegetarian is not based on ethical reasons. I am not an advocate of animal rights. Rather, I went vegetarian because of health reasons. Since I only have one life to live, I would make the best use of it, and prolong it as possible.

  4. Of course give the color and the design of boxershorts women important informations!!
    I heard that unemotional guys prefer unicoloured boxershorts, playful guys like more a jungle design and technically oriented guys love checkered boxershorts... :-)

    Fill up your refrigerator...the weekend is coming!

  5. why not put more challenge on your desire to become vegetarian again. try Organic Vegetables! hehehe!

  6. Owen,

    No thanks. I can't do cold turkey, much less that. And besides, it would dent my pocket. I'll pass on that. Maybe later.


    Really? I haven't heard of that before. How about the guys who don't wear boxers but wear boxer briefs? Or briefs? This is getting funny...

  7. Perhaps you agree that the color and the design play always the same role...?

  8. Maybe. But then, do the guys who don't boxers but wear other kinds of underwear show theirs? I don't think so. I think you need to wear boxers to show it, or else you can't make it visible because it won't be pulled up too high.

    Now this is becoming an underwear blog...