25 September 2005


I had a nightmare last night. I was in a convention, in an auditorium that could fit more than a thousand people. I was there sitting in the audience, enjoying the program, when all of a sudden, dozens and dozens of masked men enter the auditorium and start shooting people.

Then everything seemed to slow down. I see the bullets flying here and there. I see people slowly falling, the bullets entering their front side and exiting the back of their bodies. I see the women and the children shouting, I could visualize the sound waves created by their shouts slowly emit through the ether and bounce across the walls.

Then I see a bullet flying towards me. I see it slowly approaching, but unlike the Matrix, I cannot dodge it, since I also am moving slowly. It enters my chest, I see it spinning, turning clockwise, as it makes a hole in my shirt, and I can feel it, the pain slowly registering to my brain. As my nerves send the signal to my brain that I have been hurt, and that the natural reaction is pain.

I feel that I am falling slowly, crashing to the ground. I slump in between the chairs, and I look around and people are falling to the ground as I am. Some people pretend to be dead, but some really are.

I feel my life force slowly giving way, and I lose my power gradually. I then feel that it would be my last breath, and I fade, never knowing what happened after the chaos.

Then I stand up on my bed, sweating. I glance on my bedside clock, and it is 3:15 am.

That was my nightmare.

And the funny thing was that today, I went to a convention, in a large auditorium, for the whole day. Why would I have a nightmare about something that I looked forward to?

Anyway, I got a couple hours sleep after the dream bout, and I woke up at five in the morning to cook something to carry for lunch. I made whole-wheat pasta with broccoli and chickpeas. It had an olive-oil based sauce, with garlic, dried crushed red peppers and lemon juice. So far my vegetarian diet is going awesome.

Ok, so I'll end my blog here for now. I still have some homework to do: I need to figure out something about analogical change in language.

Oh, and I changed the music. I've had enough of serious thinking during the week. Maybe some other time. I need to concentrate. The thing is, I never get to ponder on these personal issues when I am busy with my studies. When I have nothing to do, then I get to meditate on these. Maybe it shows what my priorities are.


  1. forget the nightmare.... you need a break....

  2. Yes, take a break. But that is one crazy dream. I keep having like 5 recurring dreams that are a little freaky too.