04 September 2005


I got my new laptop today. I just bought it about 8 hours ago. I have just finished setting it up, and it feels so brand new. Of course! Because it is brand new!

I love being hooked up again to cyberspace. Ever since the world is getting smaller, having an internet connection is a good thing, when I can access what is happening in different places of the world in a few clicks.

One good thing that happened today is that my roommate helped me in buying the equipment. I was supposed to pay by check, but then due to some technical and industrial red tape, because I didn't have a New York State driver's license, they wouldn't honor my check. Ok, no problem, my roommate comes in the picture, lets me use his credit card, and then I pay him with a new check this time with his name on it. So, note to self: next time try paying by debit card.

Some good friends called me unexpectedly the past few days. One was a fellow countryman of mine, who is a temporary worker at a place called Egg Harbor, in Wisconsin. She works at a golf course during the summer and autumn months. The place is closed in the winter, so she goes back to Manila during those days. I thought that I was in a remote place here in Buffalo, but when I heard her surroundings, having an airport that is one hour away (Green Bay, Wisconsin), having no public transportation, no taxis, no metro, no bus network, that is worse than my lot. So I guess I'll be happy and contented now. They go to a small grocery store that is fifteen minutes drive away, and a grocery store bigger than that would be thirty minutes away.

Another friend called me a while ago, as she was on her way to Staten Island. This is one of my super-friends, someone I knew when I was living in Guam back in 2000. She happens to go to college here in NY state, and I happen to go to graduate school in the same state. Coincidence.

Oops, it's getting late. I need to shut this thing off. And I need to sleep.


  1. I've been wanting to get a laptop for a long time. What's your specs? The one I want to get costs like 1800 :(. How long did you live in Guam for?

  2. I have a SONY VAIO FS series. I got it for around 1500.

    I lived in Guam for 1 year and four months, from April 2000 to August 2001. My dad was working at the consulate, and we were assigned there that time. It was a good place, nice hot and spicy food, happy people. They do have an obsession with SPAM though, most people are so in love with SPAM in Guam.

  3. I want a new laptop! Congrats on getting yours!!

    Hope you get to meet up with your superfriend.. how neat hwo it worked out ya'll are both there!