19 September 2005


Some friends invited me to their house today, as it is a Sunday and everybody had time off. And guess what? We watched football. Buffalo Bills was playing against Tampa Bay.

And for your information, I am very very unknowledgeable with football. I do not understand the game. But why not give it a try?

Good thing my friends were patient with me. I had a crash course in football. I understood what those lines meant, how the play moved (I find it too slow, they stop all the time everytime they clash against one another), and how the team scored. In the end, it was fun. So while some of my friends were shouting in front of the television, someone else was narrating and explaining the mechanics to me. In the end, I got it.

Reactions: Boy, how violent the game was. No wonder they wear a lot of bodygear, helmets, shoulder pads, mouthpieces and all. They just crash on to one another.

Change of topic: I found this funny picture in the internet. Its name is Brad Aniston. (I was supposed to write her but I found I had cognitive dissonance with doing so, so I pressed backspace three times and wrote its.

When I got home from my friend's house, I found out that my parents have been trying to call me for like three times. Too bad I wasn't there. I tried pinging them on my instant messenger but apparently they're already asleep. They're six hours ahead, so since it is about eight in the evening here, it's already two in the morning there. Well, next time then.


  1. Funny picture of "Brad Aniston"!

    In Germany football is quite different from American football. No bodygear, helmets, shoulder pads, mouthpieces and so on. Usually no crashes on to another and if it happens they often call it "foul" and players get punished.

  2. Oh, that must be rugby football then. Is that the same type that is popular in the UK?

  3. Haha... well, he doens't look any better than before (and no, I don't think he's "hot" even without the Aniston look).

    I love to watch football! Hopefully you'll begin to undersand and enjoy it more.

  4. HAHAHA I just noticed (after my comment above) that you can see his/her a$$ in the photo. That's too much *LOL*

  5. ey LIW, you should try watching the australian football (aka rugby), it's as violent without the pads and the all the gears they have in the american version.

  6. Isn't Aussie Football different from Rugby Union/League? And isn't Susanne talking Association Football, also known as Soccer?

    Isn't that picture quite disturbing? Are these questions ever going to end?

  7. SNE,

    Actually, I don't know if Aussie Football is different from rugby. It seems that there are plenty of terms for the same sport. I am more of an individual sport player than a team sport player, so don't quote me.

    Yes, the picture is disturbing. The "disturbing" effect that you have is called cognitive dissonance, a psychology term. It is when certain things clash with your knowledge of the world.

    Apparently, your questions did end. Or else, I would be reading a very long comment.