09 September 2005


I left my office at the Linguistics Department today around 7 pm. I know it's late, but then, I cannot read well at home. Which means that I did read a thick article for my seminar class tomorrow before returning home. I rather read them in my office, where the lights are white, than at home, where the lights are yellow.

When I locked the door to my office, most of the faculty, if not all of them, already went home ahead of me.

What is happening?

I feel this change going on.

When I was in undergrad, I always speed up when it is time to go home. I study during the break time, when I don't have class, but when my last class is done, I go straight home, if not, at least, I leave the campus immediately, and say, kill time in the mall.

But now it's different. It's actually me wanting to stay in my office and do work. Perhaps it is some sort of academic overtime. Similar to what the business people are doing in their offices, working late. Is this what happens when you are a graduate student?

It's not that I don't like it. I am just remarking something that never occured to me before.

Then, staying up late can have its benefits. I bumped into a fellow graduate student, a classmate in my seminar class tomorrow. We had a little chat, and it turns out that the topic for tomorrow is somehow applicable to the problem I am facing when I analyse Tagalog's peculiarities. Perhaps the pragmatic theory that we are discussing tomorrow will be of help. I won't talk about the details for now, it is still a vague idea. But I think I have an idea for a future paper.

On a different note, I am bugged with this caller that seems to be calling me for the past few days now. I have caller ID, but every time the caller calls, the number won't show. So it seems that the caller doesn't want to display his number. I once was able to answer it, but all I could hear was hiphop music.

Anyway, I guess I'll end my entry here, and spend a few minutes watching Cristina Scabbia and the rest of Lacuna Coil rock their way on my blog.


  1. I love the lay-out of your website! Thanks for dropping me a note today. Can i link with your site? Will hope to sit down and read it sometime.


  2. Good luck with your paper and hope todays lesson will help. Love the video BTW. :o)