01 October 2005


Finally! I've finished my former book! After one and a half months of reading Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum, I am done with it and am extremely contented. I love that feeling of accomplishment whenever I get to finish reading a book. So today I started a new book!

The book you're seeing right now is William S. Burroughs' Naked Lunch. They say that this is a contemporary work of genius, so I picked it up when I went to visit Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago. I just started it this afternoon on my way to the bank and as always, I am amazed at the prose.

Today marked the first day of the Niagara Linguistics Society Conference. Since I had a class in the morning, I wasn't able to attend the morning presentations, but I attended the afternoon and evening presentations. And as usual, a lot of new ideas in the field were presented. This conference will last until Sunday afternoon.

As I was walking to the shuttle stop this evening, on my way to my apartment, I had a weird thought. The song entitled Untitled by Simple Plan could be heard somewhere in the distance, and it just struck a note in me. Here I am, in the Fall of 2005, walking alone, pensively, in the dark, while the northern wind from Lake Erie is blowing. Come to think of it, I never imagined myself to be in this situation a year ago. It is simply weird and mind-blowing to ponder on how one's situation can change in a matter of a few months. A few months ago, I was in Manila, enduring the heat and studying in the university there as an undergrad, now, I am in Buffalo, enduring the cold and studying in the university here as a graduate student, complete with students of my own. I wonder what would happen next?

There are other changes. Before, I eat most of my meals with my sister, the only family I have that is living with me. I do the laundry with her. I cook for two people. Now, while writing this entry, the washing machine downstairs is churning laundry for me alone. And I am reheating leftovers from a couple of days ago to be my dinner after I publish this entry.

But then I will still continue to be here. I will endure whatever homesickness I am experiencing right now. Why? Because man is an adaptible being. Man is capable of logic and reason. Man is capable of weighing things and putting value on it. Man is capable of sacrifice. Thus, to apply all these, man would survive.

Watch me, I will survive.

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  1. Hello hello! In anwer to your question, I'm in Guam because of the Air National Guard. I'm just TDY here, so it's more like a vacation to me. :) It's great, I just went scuba diving today, for the first time!