04 September 2005

Post No. 40

Today is a Sunday, as I noticed the calendar entry. And it's my fortieth entry. Whew! I'm getting the hang of this now.

Tomorrow is a holiday so I won't be having a class to attend, but I look at the corner (where my table is) and I see that thick pile of paper...


I need to read it for my seminar class. Or else I won't get what is being discussed. I think I wanna cry.

**stands up and goes to bathroom**



Ok, sorry for the quasi-SNE behavior a while back. I just needed to loosen up my sinuses. Or is it sini? Or does it even have a plural form?

English can be a weird language when you stop and think. Too many irregulars. Just look at the plural. For most words, just add -s. But there are words that don't do that, such as wolf-wolves, child-children, alumnus-alumni, potato-potatoes, corpus-corpora, et cetera. Good thing I learned English at two years old, but I pity the adult learners, those who have to learn English when they are not young anymore, and their brain is already used to processing language the way they do with their first language.

I guess that's English.

Every language is complicated in its own way, I just feel like ranting about English this time.

If you look at Tagalog, then that is a completely different story.

The affixes make you crazy. The prefixes, the suffixes, the infixes, and the circumfixes. Tagalog adds a syllable to a word at the beginning, at the end, it even splits it in two and insert a syllable in the middle, or it even wraps a word and put two syllables, one at the beginning and another at the end.

If only Nimrod didn't build that tower...

But come to think of it, I need to thank the guy for building that tower, or else I won't have a field to study. The last time I checked, I am and still is a linguistics major.


  1. sinuses is the plural, of sinus :)

  2. Hey, what's wrong with my writing style?

    And English is easier to learn as a second language than Dutch is, too. We have 2 forms of plural with all those exceptions as well, and some words come with multiple plurals just to mess with your mind.

  3. SNE, there's nothing wrong with it. I like it, that's why I pay homage to it by imitating it!


  4. "Ok, sorry for the quasi-SNE behavior a while back"

    Hehe, Aww, nothing wrong with it SNE but I found humor in it! :)