16 September 2005


20 years ago - I was in Denver, CO. My family was there because my dad is a graduate student in University at Denver. I also had the opportunity to have a sister at the same year. I remember playing with the typewriter of my dad (computers aren't that popular back then, and papers were always written in typewriters). I also remember having my fingers stapled accidentally.

15 years ago - I was in Manila. I am in third grade. I am the youngest in my class, because I started school in Hawaii two years before. The US system lets the children go to first grade at 6 years of age, while the Philippine system lets the children go at 7. So when I came back, I am the youngest in the batch. My teacher was an old lady with a bad hairstyle. She looked like a cauliflower. But since I was the top of the batch, I was safe from her "Off with her head!" moments.

10 years ago - We moved to Japan ten years ago. I was eighth grade when I learned of the news that I was going to be uprooted from my friends and will move to a strange place. I had mixed feelings. In one occasion, I actually asked my dad to send me back to Manila. This is the first move I experienced as a teen-ager, with a social circle already in full-bloom. My Denver and Honolulu moves before wasn't this hard, I never had a lot of friends outside my family yet, so practically nothing changed with regard to my social environment. But this one was severe. I studied Japanese for six months, and after that I entered to the local middle school, where every Japanese kid goes. That is how I picked up my Japanese and became fluent with it.

5 years ago - We moved again, this time to Guam. We were to stay in Guam for a year and four months. I felt like I was marooned. The atmosphere was very different from Osaka, and people were so laid-back. I missed the fast pace of the Japanese urban setting. By this time, I never had difficulty in the move, even though I had friends in Japan, because I already developed a mechanism of coping with the problem. I never planted myself too deep in Japan, so moving out became easy. I met one of my closest friends in Guam. I also got to study the piano under the tutorship of a professional classical pianist. During our stay in Guam, not a single typhoon passed, but two weeks after we left, a strong one passed by and crippled the island.

1 year ago - I was a senior in college. It was my busiest year: I was writing my honor's thesis, I was a staff of the college yearbook, I was scheduled to take the GRE and the TOEFL, and I was writing my graduate school application. This is the year when my parents moved to Vienna, leaving just me and my sister in Manila. We learned to live alone, and cope. At least it became a good transition to living independently.

6 months ago - It was the last month of my undergraduate years. I was going to graduate magna cum laude, and my graduate school application was received, and I learned the good news that I am accepted, and with a fellowship. I felt that I was riding the momentum of my life. Everything seems to be perfect. My graduation vacation is arranged already, I got my visa for Austria, and I was set to visit my parents.

1 month ago - I just moved to Buffalo, where I will spend the next 5 years of my life. I started exploring the place, getting to know new friends, and getting adapted to the new environment. I started living independently without the protection of my parents. This is the first time that I am not waiting from a bank wire from them, instead, I will be waiting for a paycheck.

1 week ago - It was the week when my students first submitted their in-class assignment, and my duties as a graduate student and a teaching assistant went full swing. Ideas for papers are popping in my head, and academic articles are passing by my eyes in full speed.

Yesterday - I saw a meteorological phenomenon in Buffalo, that is, the wind, which makes the trees tilt in one direction. I began to doubt whether I would be able to last for the winter.

Today - My students gave me their homework, and there are 97 papers sitting on my table waiting for me to read their essays and give them points. I also have 3 homeworks of my own that needs to be done before next week, and I am also doing my laundry.

Tomorrow - I have a seminar class, and we will talk about abduction and interpretation in language. Abduction in the sense of symbolic logic, that is. After that, I will have my hair cut, the first time I will do it here. I am hoping to have my paycheck soon, since the last time they gave me one was two weeks ago.

One week from now - I will be going to Rochester, NY together with some friends. There is a gathering that I need to attend there.

One month from now - I will submit possible topics for a paper in three classes that I have. I am thinking of doing a comparative reconstruction in Central Philippine languages for my Historical Linguistics class, an analysis in dynamic semantics for my Semantics class, and an application of abduction in Tagalog for my Rhetorical Discourse Relations class.

One year from now - I will be writing my first qualifying paper, and when I write it successfully, I am officially done with the MA phase of my program. I should have selected my advisor by this time, and perhaps I have presented a paper in a conference.

5 years from now - Perhaps I am done with my PhD, and I might be engaged to a woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I might be searching for positions in different universities, or I might be applying for a post-doc.

10 years from now - I might be a faculty member at a university, and I might be a father too, and my child would be a toddler by this time. By this time, I might have visited remote communities and have done fieldwork for a long period of time.

30 years from now - I might be busy with my career, and my child has already grown up and has a life of his own. I may have written a couple of books, and may have given talks and seminars around the globe. My wife are enjoying the senior life, vacationing once in a while, going to places.

50 years from now - I am retired, old, yet happy.


  1. impressive CV!

    and getting better!

  2. di mo na kelangan dagdag na pogi points bata ka pa lang ang dami mo nang accomplishment.