15 October 2005


Funny, yesterday I posted about a human bodily ritual, now I am posting about it again. But this time, it is the opposite, a 180 degree turn from what happened yesterday.

Now, if you are reading this and have problems with human bodily rituals, exit now.

If not, then read on.

Today, there was a Russian food party, hosted by none other than the UB Linguistics Department. It was from noon, and although I did not go, around 1:30, when I was in the department library listening to the transcript of an experiment we did, there I found in the table were the leftover sweets from the Russian party. All Russian food, Russian cookies, Russian chocolate, Russian everything. The Russian graduate student who brought them in told me to help myself, which I did. I found some Russian chocolate with mousse inside to be especially tempting, and I indulged myself to some.

That was that. After two hours, when I was in the adjacent room to listen to a talk by one of my professors (we had a Linguistics Colloquium today), I was thirty minutes into the talk when suddenly...


That was my stomach, groaning. Oh no, the undergraduate female student sitting next to me even stared at me, because I presume she can hear it very clear, as clear as a laser beam cutting through the ether. I pretended not to notice. Five minutes after that, there again.


Oh no. I feel like it is coming. I waited for a nice opportunity to exit the room, so another five minutes later, I stood up and left. I then searched for a quiet restroom.

I ended up in the first floor restroom, and since it was a time where the classes were in session, and not in the middle of periods, there weren't a lot of people congregating. I eased myself into the disabled cubicle (so as to have plenty of space) pulled my pants down, and miraculum glorium!

Unlike yesterday, which was a hard bout, this one was so smooth and silky I would have thought I drank castor oil in order to result in this. What was in that Russian chocolate? Anyway, I was glad that my ordeal was over.

Well, to change the topic into a more "wholesome" one, I received a couple hundred of pictures from my mom today. I checked my inbox and voila! There were about 300 pictures in groups of 10 attachments per email insibe my inbox, waiting for me to download. These are their pictures from Paris. They spent one week and took about 1500 pictures!

On academic talk, I finished my semantics essay that is due Tuesday. I also got feedback from my professor about my handout. So I would revise that tomorrow and so I will be ready for my lecture by next week.

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  1. ...it's very funny reading that entry - and the last one too!
    Yes, I ignored your nice warnings and faced your horrible stories...
    ...and of course I can imagine that it was not funny for you to go through that!