07 October 2005


I had the usual routine today. My teaching assistant class in the morning, and two graduate classes in the afternoon. I was so busy in the morning, because the other TA was sick, and he only came to hand back the homework assignments, but he was so wasted, apparently he had stomach flu or something similar. Good thing I only have a cold, I could still function well. He looked like he came from a concentration camp.

So after my classes, I went to the library. I borrowed four books for my Historical Linguistics paper. Somehow, the paper in this class has turned out to be more promising than my other two papers. So I am doing this first, so I can get over with and have one paper down.

So what is my topic? I am reconstructing a language. Well, this lies under the assumption that several languages are related to each other, and if one compares these languages, one can "reconstruct" the language in which all of these languages came from.

So I am working on several languages from the Central Philippines. I think I mentioned the languages already on an entry before, so I won't mention it here anymore. But I will posit in my paper that several hundreds of years ago, there was a language in the Central Philippines where all the languages came from. So watch out for it.

Nothing much happened after that. I got to chat with one of my classmates, who is an undergrad. The system here in UB is that the undergraduates and the graduates get to be in one class sometimes, because the 400-level classes (the undergrad senior-level) and the 500-level classes (the graduate non-seminar level) are the same. What is different is the weight of the grading system. So if an undergrad gets an A-, for a grad, it might be a B+.

Oops, I digressed again, which I apparently is good in doing. Back to the chat, he is from Ecuador, but has been living here in the States for a while now. We chatted for a while, about living conditions, flatmates, cooking, and different mundane stuff.

So when I went back home, I cooked Linguine with Mushrooms and Parmesan Cream Sauce. It was heavenly. I have no complains about it, but some people might find the mixture of the fungus and the cheese too strong. It asks for 3 and a half cups of grated Parmesan cheese. So if you don't want it to be strong, just buy the grated one, instead of grating it yourself.

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  1. Hope your cold goes away, soon and that you don't catch whatever that other person had.

    Our weather dropped and it's cold here today (cold to me). I hope no one here gets a cold.