25 October 2005


Today is the day that I am cooking again. The funny thing when one cooks and one lives (practically) alone is that one can cook for 8 servings and have that same dish for the next couple of days. And since that is the pattern I am doing, this dish I am making tonight will probably last me for three days.

I am making Casablanca Couscous with Tofu right now. It is downstairs, simmering, for about 40 minutes.

And do not think that this is what I will eat for all three meals for the next three days. No. I eat either oatmeal, sandwich with peanut butter or whatever is available in the fridge, or cereal for breakfast, and I fix myself a sandwich with tomatoes, onions, lettuces, sauerkraut, cheese, or whatever else is suitable in the fridge for lunch, or perhaps some leftover pasta from the night before. For dinner, this is where my cooking comes in. So I still have variation.

I just blogged about my dietary habits. So if anyone of you wants to know my secret of losing 13 kilograms (28.6 lbs), there you have it.

I can smell the spices right now. It is going from the heater exhaust, to the heating system of my apartment. It has curry powder, chili pepper, and paprika in it.

I don't know if this is typical Moroccan spice, but it definitely smells exotic.

I am excited about my trip to Morocco next year, I guess it is showing on my cooking repertoire.

But more than that, I am excited about next summer, especially that the temperature here in Buffalo is around the low 40s, and according to people, last year, it was this time of the year when snow started falling down and making everything white.

Regarding snow, I have mixed feelings. I am somewhat looking forward to it, yet a part of me dreads the thought of it.

Anyway, my 40 minutes are up. My dinner is ready.


  1. Reading your entry makes me feeling hungry just now too!
    Sounds good what you were cooking...
    Is there enough for two?

  2. Oh yes, not just for two, but for 6 actually. I don't like to make a dish just for one serving, that means I cook lots of times. I prefer cooking wholesale and then reheating it later.

  3. Oh yum! That sounds yummy!!! I love the description you used too... yummy!!!

    Hope it was tasty and try to stay warm! :o)

  4. winter in new york .. is one of the worst weathers i have encountered .. working there compensates the discomfort though .. ^_^