12 October 2005


Today I want to blog as a divertion. I am here in my office, and taking a blogging break. I have tons of homework that I need to put my attention to, since we have Thursday off (because of Yom Kippur), and my professors just had the idea of giving us homework for the lost meeting.

I bumped into a funny and hilarious blog. And so I am following her idea.

Some directions: Go to Google and click on the Images link. Type in the following and post the first or your favorite picture the search engine finds.

- The name of the town you grew up.
- The name of the town you live now.
- Your name.
- Your grandmother's name (pick one).
- Your favorite food.
- Your favorite drink.
- Your favorite song.
- Your favorite smell.

Here are my results.

My hometown: Manila, Philippines

My current town: Buffalo, NY

My name: (now why did Claude Debussy's picture popped up in the search engine?)

My grandmother's name: Funny looking pic eh?

My favorite food: Now this is self-explanatory don't you think?

My favorite drink: Guinness (yay!!)

My favorite song: Chevelle - The Red

My favorite smell: YvesSaintLaurent M7 (the latest scent I bought)

So, if you stumble on my blog, try this and let me know of your results.

1 comment:

  1. So, what is your Gandma's name? Steve? That car totally reminds me of a High School boyfriend. Yikes!

    And I had 3 Guinesses last night.

    Glad you found my blog!