20 October 2005


I feel like I am in a writer's block mode today. Not in the blogging sense, but in the academic writing sense. It is with this paper that I am writing for my LIN 539 (Historical Linguistics) class. I have a topic, a fabulous topic, and I have the data in my hands. My topic was already approved by my professor. But the thing is, I don't know how to proceed writing my paper. Usually, I have the idea of the paper neatly arranged in my head, like I can see how the introduction, the body, and the conclusion would turn out. But this one, it is still mushy, convoluted, swimming in the ether of my head.

Usually what I would do is dream on it for a few days and everything will be clear and fall into place.

So that's what I will do. Ponder on it for a few days.

In the meantime, I am finally giving my lecture tomorrow to my undergraduate students. I have replayed the things that I will say to head over and over again, that I can practically give the lecture asleep. But still I get the weird feeling of queasiness, especially since this is the first time I am giving a lecture in front of 90+ people, and the I am not giving it in my first language.

But come to think of it, I had a really nervous time when I was presenting my paper in Taiwan. Although not all of them are native English speakers, I was nervous that time because I am just a newly graduated undergrad that time, I still haven't started my graduate school. And all these people in front of me are either graduate students in Taiwan or people who have PhD degrees and have authored books and articles. So I think I will do fine. I hope.

One annoying thing happened today this afternoon in my house. Around 6:45 PM, the fire alarm went off in my building. And that was exactly when I was dressing up in order to go somewhere. I needed to step out of the building for a while, and I couldn't go in until the police came and checked whether everything was ok. Apparently, the stove of one of the units ticked the alarm off.

Oh well, I want to sleep now. I want to get up early tomorrow so I can give the lecture awake and not a la zombie.

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