21 October 2005


I gave the lecture today, successfully. And on time too. I wasn't overtime, nor undertime. So that's one hurdle that is over for this semester.

I approached one of my professors today. I told him about my concern in his class. I had the impression that I am one step behind his expectations. Anyway, I was assured that everything is ok.

Another student made an appointment with me. She has a phonetics project and she wants me to be her informant. Basically, she wants me to translate some words and she will figure out the sound inventory of Tagalog. I wonder if she can do that perfectly. I'll try my best.

I found this article in the news about the sex differences of graduates nowadays. Where did all the boys go? Apparently, there is this gender divide between the graduates of educational institutions. A lot of the graduates are female. Don't tell me that boys' brains are getting weaker by the minute!

I don't have classes tomorrow, but I will still go to my office. I need to start on my Historical Linguistics paper and I need my books, which are in my office.

It's getting colder day by day. This morning, I saw the roof of my apartment and noticed this white thing. I then realized that it is frosted. Oh wow, snow must be very near. I'm prepared for it. I'm buying gloves, scarves, and other paraphernalia this weekend. And the good news is, it was my payday yesterday!

I know, nothing significant and of subtance for today. It's just that I can finally breathe again, since the lecture is over. Now I could only imagine what would happen next year when I am the one actually teaching the class. I will be the one actually giving the lecture. Well, by that time, the class would be smaller, and there is no senior professor watching what would you actually say to the students.

By the way, check this out. It apparently tells what my brain pattern is.

Your Brain's Pattern

Structured and organized, you have a knack for thinking clearly.
You are very logical - and you don't let your thoughts get polluted with emotions.
And while your thoughts are pretty serious, they're anything from boring.
It's minds like yours that have built the great cities of the world!

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