10 October 2005


Since yesterday, the temperature in Buffalo has suddenly dropped to the 5 to 10 degree Celsius range. So far I am still enjoying it. I cannot go out without a jacket anymore though, but that is fine. I am amazed at some of the local people, like my friends, who tell me that they are already freezing with this temperature. And they say that it will be colder than today, which I know, but if they're freezing right now, what would happen to them when November and December comes?

My day so far has been uneventful. I did nothing unusual, saw nothing extraordinary, and sensed nothing wrong. I went to attend my religious service in the morning, then checked my mailbox when I came back. Then I went to the grocery to buy my weekly stuff, and then I cleaned the house and ironed my clothes.

Earlier, while on the bus on my way to the supermarket, I heard the news that Buffalo Bills won their first game in the football season, thus ending their losing streak. Then suddenly, the people around me changed, the people in the bus, outside the bus, along the bus in their cars, they all changed upon hearing that announcement. The car beside the bus had two guys in them, and the moment the announcement was over, they shouted "Woo Hoo!!!!" and honked their cars. Amazing. It is amazing to see how the spirit of the sport has taken over these people and make them behave this way.

Regarding another thought, I sometimes feel that time is so fast. I cannot believe that it is mid-semester already. I haven't been here for more than two months, but the semester is halfway through! I better think of writing my papers pretty soon! Not only that, I better prepare my lecture that is coming next week! And not only that, I better think of the classes that I will take next semester! And not only that, I better think of the class that I will handle next year!

Speaking of classes that I will handle, I have learned that the system here at UB is that if you are a fellowship awardee, like me, and have a teaching assistantship, like me, one gets to be a teaching assistant for a year and then the next year, s/he will handle a class on his own. Wow. I actually get to teach a group of 30-40 kids next year. And most probably, I will teach the subject that I am a teaching assistant right now. So I better take some notes and observe my professor on how she is handling the class.

I am still having the excitement fever for the summer. That lead me to browse on travel-related websites. And I saw this. Would you like to ride in one of these? I bet these are very fuel-efficient. But beware of the exhaust of this plane, it might drop on top of your head.


  1. without A jacket, i would have like 5 jackets on that is sooo cold 0.0

  2. Funny picture...
    Imagining the wings would move - I surely would look in the sky with an open mouth!

  3. Ooh... Can't stand the cols, I can't...

  4. Wow so cold so soon. It's still nice in London...for now