09 October 2005


I had a chat with my mom today. And today is the first time she saw me live again. That's because I finally bought myself a webcam, and so I installed it. I was so eager to use it that I just inserted the installation disk without reading the manual, and when I finally installed it, it was so grainy and out of focus. Well, I thought, it isn't a very technologically advanced model, just something to get by, so I guess that's what I get for my money. After all, it was just 25 dollars, while the other models were around 50 or so.

The installation and test run was yesterday. I didn't even tried to fix the grainy problem. When my mom and I actually chatted today, and she complained of the grainy picture, I finally read the manual for the first time, and I saw that in front of the unit is a guess what, a focus ring! So I tweaked a little bit, and there you go, the grainy problem is solved.

During the chat, I learned of a very good news. There is a very big chance that the whole family will be in one place again, even for just a short time like two weeks. Why? Because my sister, who is in Manila, will fly there the moment her classes end in the last week of March. She will be there until the first week of June, before classes start in the Philippines. I on the other hand, have my classes end in the second week of May, and can be there until the middle of August. So in the span of two weeks from the middle of May till the end of it, the four of us will be in one place, Vienna!

One more thing to be excited about: my sister was originally planning to have a vacation with my parents in Madrid. Initially, that was the plan, that they will go to Madrid while I am still in Buffalo, and then when I fly there, the three of us (since my sister will be back to Manila) will go to Casablanca-Rabat. But since we have a two-week period to spend together, my sister cancelled Madrid, and instead is joining us so that the whole family can go to Casablanca-Rabat. Wonderful. I cannot wait for this winter to pass and summer to come.

So there is my future summer plans. Visit Vienna again, and step in Northern Africa. I miss the scenery by the Danube. I took that photo while on the top floor of the Donauturm, or the Danube Tower. If any of you watch The Amazing Race you might remember that this tower is where the teams bungee jumped from. I went up the tower last summer, and got this panorama. I cannot wait for summer. I'm so excited, I just can't sleep. Oops, that is slowly sounding like a Britney song, I better stop.


  1. You are so happy, that's really nice!!!
    I can understand very well that you cannot wait for summer now.
    Have a great day...

  2. Seems like fun to have everyone together again!

  3. you must be countin down the days till summer with the temp you have there right now......I would be.....you are going to have a great summer