02 October 2005


Today I spent the former half of the latter half of the day (Hmm, can you understand that? That means the first 50% of the second 50% of my day, meaning the third 25% of my day.) in my office grading my students' papers. It was tough grading 97 students, but then the questions are easier this time and it is more objective so I was faster.

And I caught a pair of cheating students!

The answers of the two people involved are so similar, that when I showed it to my professor, she was indeed convinced. So she herself marked it and asked the students to see her.

After I was done grading the papers, I attended the conference. It was the second day now. The talks were again, interesting. The most interesting one was the last one, because it talked about grammatical and pragmatic properties of an Ecuadorean language, which were the different varieties of Quichua.

After the conference, there was a party. A gathering, where the participants and the attendees ate food together. Good thing there was vegetarian food. I got to talk to a fellow student in the party, and the conversation drifted to different topics, from academic stuff, to how to handle and excel a class of a certain professor, and to life in general. I found myself to have a lot of things in common with her. It's weird to find parallels in the lives of different people. Come to think of it, after all, we are all human, so most of the time, we share the same experience, in a general sense of the word.

So I guess I'll end my entry at this point. I don't have a lot of things to rant about. My roommate is in New York City right now, he won't be back until tomorrow night. I haven't seen him since last Monday. And he left the light in his room turned on, so it is bright in his room even at night. A total waste of energy.

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  1. Lights on? Turn it off, then... I'm sure he won't mind.

    You ate food? Who in the world would want to eat food?

    And what happened to those cheating students?