28 October 2005


I finished my last novel a couple of days ago. Remember Naked Lunch? It was a weird book to read. It dealt with drug addiction and its effects on the human being. It was very surreal, and reading it felt like I was inside the mind and body of an addict myself. I am guessing that the author, William Burroughs, became an addict himself in order to write this book. I definitely recommend it, because it is great literary work of art, but it is only for mature readers.

Now, I am reading a book written by Russian novelist Nikolai Gogol. The novel is entitled Dead Souls. So far, I have finished the first three chapters, and unlike the former book, this has a very sarcastic tone and always makes me laugh every now and then. One especially funny part was when the main character, Chichikov, was visiting the house of Manilov. Chichikov and Manilov would try to persuade the other to enter the house before oneself, as a sign of politeness. However, since no one would oblige, both entered the house at the same time, sideways, since both cannot fit the door at the same time.

It is getting colder by the day. And I am expecting snow any time soon. I have started wearing my full-length winter coat to school. And the good thing that I have an office, is that when I arrive, I can just hang my coat in my office behind the door and not carry it all around me to my classes.

Because my coat is black, and since I wear black leather gloves whenever I am outside a building, some people actually told me that I look like Neo-meets-Dr. Doom. I wonder how they saw me that made them comment like that.

Well, I guess black is just a favorite color of mine. Didn't I tell you before that I was once a gothic dresser? Well, it still has its residues. Although some aspects of my personality has changed from then. One example is that I have developed a fondness for Latin music ever since I came here. Not the Latin-Pop music that are popularized by Jennifer Lopez and the rest, but the real Latin Merengue music. One classmate from Spain let me borrow his CDs, and I am hooked.

Anyway, back to the coat. I find it funny that these undergrads do not wear coats whenever they go to school. They only wear a sweater with a hood, and a pocket in the front where they put both their hands inside. And I see them shivering while walking the streets. They look like vibrating zombies, for crying out loud. Don't they have a coat, or they just don't want to wear one?

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  1. that's cool Neo-meets-Dr-Doom!

    lately, im starting to be hooked with Bossa Nova music from Brazil! They're really soothing!