31 October 2005


Because of the impending urge for many people here in this area to frighten each other, I am frightening you all as well.

Yeah, right, an announced fright. How would that work?

Well, announced or unannounced, let me ask you this. Have you noticed that some of my entries are about food?

This is not a food blog, but then, food preparation is something I have my hands full sometimes. So no wonder I would blog about it.

Then, yesterday, I saw this article in MSN about the different frightening foods. I have to admit, I haven't tried any of those, except for sea cucumber and foie gras I think, a long time ago.

Speaking of foie gras, there was a time before when I always liked eating the liver of the fattened goose. It was just so rich and smooth, and it goes well as a salad ingredient, as a main course, or as an appetizer.

Now, I finally learned how they make it. They force-feed the geese. And since the geese have no gag reflex, they simply swallow what is being fed to them. My goodness, all that for a bite of the liver? I'll pass.

Oh yes, the frightening food. Check this article about a delicacy in Indiana. Can you believe that? Deep-fried brain sandwiches! I have never eaten brain before. I don't know if it is good or not, if the taste is acquired or not. But then, I've given up on meat products long ago, so I won't be gobbling any of these pretty soon.

Oh, and remember the Indiana Jones movie where Indy and a girl, together with his child-sidekick, were in India, and there was a weird dinner. An appetizer of monkey brains, and blood soup with eyeballs, and stuffed snake with smaller snakes inside. Apparently, the monkey brains is a mere legend. Nobody eats them, at least, that's what the journalists who went to Indonesia wrote.

Oh well, enough of my neural blogging. I better use my brain, or else someone might eat it.


  1. I have, actually. The brain wasn't fried, but prepared like regular meat, and I didn't particularly like it. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't special either. Still, it beats escargots. Those just taste like nothing at all.

  2. I remember very well that Indiana Jones movie!
    And I really loved that scene in India with the weird dinner... especially the blood soup with the huge nice eyeballs :-)
    It's funny: every time when I visit your blog you are writing something about food. Yet it doesn't matter cause I am always interested in news about food.
    Yet please don't offer such spiders like in Pnom Penh! They are creepy! I am sure I wouldn't be able eating them!