04 October 2005


A few milliseconds ago, I realized that I haven't been ranting about my flatmate for a long time. It's not that I needed to, but it's just that I haven't found something to rant about.

Until today.

Classes are cancelled in UB for today, because of the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah, so I didn't meet my students, and I didn't have the two classes that I am supposed to attend every Tuesdays. So I am still here at home, blogging in the middle of the day, instead of the usual late evening. Although I am planning to go to my office later in the day to read my articles, I am still here.

So what is this that I want to rant about? Well, I saw him eating his brunch at around 10:00. He heated his instant pocket breads in the microwave, and he was drinking coffee, juice, or any other liquid. He never used a utensil. So that was that.

Later, when I went downstairs again, I heard the dishwasher running. I personally never use the dishwasher, because I am more comfortable washing the dishes by hand. I don't trust dishwashers, they leave stains and all the dirt, because they just circulate the water around the dishes.

So I was curious why the dishwasher is running. Then I remembered that he used the mug, his lone black mug. Oh my goodness! Just one piece of mug and you'll run it in the dishwasher? What a waste of water! Even if he put it in light wash, the machine still runs for fifteen minutes, and all that's inside is one lone mug! Can't he just wash it by hand? He didn't buy dishwashing soap, but I told him that it is ok to use my own dishwashing soap. The soap that I bought just happens to be incompatible with dishwashers, so he is washing his lone mug without soap. What in the world is that? Super sloth megalomania!

That's why whenever I see these things in my flatmate that annoy me, I become ever thankful to my parents, since they taught me to do things on my own. They taught me to iron my clothes, to wash my clothes, by hand, if necessary, to cook, to wash the dishes, among other things. Trust me, I am low maintenance. Unlike some others out there...

Enough of that. I still want to retain a spirit of goodwill.

Finally, some friend of mine sent me these photos of a restaurant in Taiwan. It is called the Toilet Bowl Restaurant. I wished I could have eaten there when I was in Taipei, but on second thought, when I searched for it in the internet, it is in Kaoshiung, on Southern Taiwan. Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

You could see how extreme people's imaginations could get.


  1. I would not want to eat a the Toilet Bowl Restaurant.

    About the dishwasher... I love a dishwasher - they DO get dishes clean. maybe not all... but

    Anyway, running it for ONE mug - totally stupid! Yikes.

  2. Regarding your flatmate (or roomie, as I'd call 'em) that's quite annoying. I've got two roomies, one is awesome, the other is closer to what you've described.

    That resturaunt looks AWEFUL, yet funny! :P The icecream pic is by far the worst/best. :P

  3. Hi LIW,

    I had to rub my eyes the first time I saw these pictures. I thought I saw what I thought I saw at first glance. It turned out to be its replica (if you know what I mean...I meant the ice cream).

    Siya nga pala about your graduate studies, salamat ng marami sa iyong pagpapaliwanag at ako'y nahanginan ng iyong pagpapakadalubhasa. (Naku, hinukay ko pa yaong Tagalog na iyan sa baol ha!) LOL! It's been awhile since I've written in Tagalog.

    Actually, I stumbled upon a blogger who was a Linguist by profession. He is now retired.

    Please click on the Link called "The Language Guy" on my site. His articles are pretty deep. You may want to check his site out.


  4. nakakaawa ka naman to have a flatmate like that! sorry....but i think i should pity him more! he's a real sloth!

  5. I hope your flatmate is not reading your blog...

    This Toilet bowl restaurant is quite disgusting. I wonder why you should go to that restaurant. For the food... :-)