27 October 2005


Thanks to Ka Uro, I was tagged. In this tag, I am supposed to write down three things about me that the world over has no idea about.

So here it goes.

Three Things You Still Don't Know About Me

1. One of my dream jobs when I was in grade school was to become a writer. I actually wrote a graphic novel (at least that's how they call it nowadays, a comic strip with a complex storyline) during seventh grade. And it became a hit with my classmates. The story goes like this.

Once there was a beautiful woman who was very nice to everybody. She never had bad qualities, or so everyone thought. She had a twin, a bad twin. This bad twin was envious of the good things that the good twin had, she was jealous of her job, of her boyfriend, of everything. She once tried to impersonate the good twin in her jobs, attempting to put the good twin in a bad light. However, all the attempts failed.

The good twin and her boyfriend got married one day in an island in the Caribbean. They had their honeymoon in Trinidad and Tobago. They were watching the carnival one day when little did they know that the bad twin was also in the island. The bad twin drugged the drink of the groom, thus the groom had to have a headache. The bad twin tried to seduce the groom. However, drunk though the groom was, he recognized that it was not his wife, because there was a mole underneath the nipple of the right breast, which his wife didn't have. So he called security and the bad twin was lead out of the resort.

The good twin had enough of her bad twin's schemings. So she got an opportunity to take the bad twin with her on a walk. She led the bad twin on to a secluded path in the island. Then, when no one was looking, she hit the bad twin on the head with a oil drum drumstick, the one that the islanders use for Calypso music. When the bad twin became unconscious, the good twin tied an oil drum on the neck of the bad twin, and pulled her up to a cliff, overlooking the shark-infested waters. Then she pushed the unconscious body of the bad twin over the cliff.

After a week, they returned from their honeymoon. The groom was curious why the bad twin stopped her attacks. Little di he know that the bad twin is dead, or was she?

The good twin was sure that her sister is dead. However, one day, the doorbell rang, and the bad twin was standing at the door.

I haven't continued the story from this point, because my mother discovered the notebook that I was writing my comic strip on, and she said that at my young age, my head was already filled with intrigues and adult topics. So I stopped writing the stories.

But during the times when I was writing it, my classmates were addicted to it that whenever I finish a chapter, I would pass it around the class, and would have a good time reading it.

2. I once dropped dead while running in the school's track oval, when I was in junior high school in Japan. When I was in eighth grade, in Japan, in our physical education classes, we were supposed to do the "Endurance Run". It is a run that is 1,500 meters long. I didn't have good command of the Japanese language yet, since it was my first semester. I didn't really understand how long we need to run, so I didn't have a clue how to pace my running. Well, everybody started pretty slow, and I tried to run fast, since I thought it was a sprint. Soon enough, I found myself ahead, overtaking a number of my classmates. Wow, when is this going to end? I thought. The teacher wasn't telling me to stop, so I continued as much as I can. But since I exerted too much effort in the beginning, I am getting tired already. I ran expecting a short distance, but obviously, this run isn't going to end pretty soon.

Then, I see myself slowing down. Some of my classmates are overtaking me. Oh no. Ho embarrassing. First, I was in the front, now I am slowly lagging behind.

Then, I feel my legs slowly losing their power. I had a bad start, that's why. I am feeling numb, slowly and slowly. But I cannot stop, it would be too embarrassing. So I decided to do something drastic.

Without any second thought, I ran and when I reached the curve, I dropped suddenly to the ground. It hurt, really. But that I thought was the only way for me to stop running. It would look like I had a sprain or something. Everyone was surprised, of course. I faked an injury. They got a wheelchair from the nurse's office, and I was wheeled there for "treatment." Of course, nothing was broken or anything, but the good thing is that I didn't have to finish that run. Hehe.

3. This last one is a little disgusting, because it deals with normal bodily functions. When I was in Japan, I had a bowel problem. Maybe I had psychological problems during my "anal stage" (cf. Freud), so I had problems with my bowel movements. I am anal retentive (I can control my bowel movements, and can stop the urge if I don't want to go to the bathroom at the moment), but 10 years ago, I hated going to the bathroom, really. I hated it so much that I only go once a week. That meant that I spend lots of time in the bathroom, and you can just imagine the size. That means that every week, our toilet would be clogged. So my Dad devised an easy solution. There were two wooden sticks in the toilet. And so whenever I would do my weekly thing, I would cut my by-products into smaller pieces before flushing the toilet, so it would not clog. It was that bad. Oh, just remembering it right now makes me laugh and feel gross at the same time.

So there you have it. Three things that you still don't know about me. I'm not tagging anyone, since I do not want to impose on others; they might not want to do this. But if you do decide to do this after reading my blog, let me know thru the comments so I can read your version.


  1. liw,
    very imaginative story. and the last one, hahaha! i remember a previous post about your toilet bowl being clogged. was it you then who caused it? hahaha! your grade is 1.0.

  2. you were so good in stating the warning on the 3rd item - was really disgusting!

    im "brain-dead" now, cant even think of a thing about myself now. maybe later. hehehe!