23 October 2005


I have reason to be happy today.

That's why I am happy.

Why am I happy?

This morning, while in the house of a friend, I went upstairs to their bathroom. And lo and behold, in the corner, there was a weighing scale. I then took the liberty to step on that bathroom scale and weigh myself. The last time I weighed myself was the day when I flew from Manila to Buffalo. It was because I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't exceed my baggage allowance when flying. So I needed to weigh myself to know how much I would subtract from the total when I weigh myself again carrying my suitcases.

So I weighed myself today. And little did I know that I lost weight!

I was around 77.8 kilograms (171.16 lbs) two months ago. Now, I am 65 kilograms (143 lbs)! I then calculated my body mass index, and since I am 5 feet 8 inches, that gives me a BMI of 21.7. Two months ago, my BMI would have been 26, and that is a sign of being overweight. Now I am in the healthy range, since a BMI of 19-25 is considered healthy. No wonder I can fasten my belt one notch tighter! No wonder my dad commented the other day when he saw me via webcam that I am getting thinner! No wonder I feel lighter!

I feel like singing that James Brown song today.

"Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good!" (ta-ra-ta-ra-ta-ra-ta) "I know that I would." (ta-ra-ta-ra-ta-ra-ta) "Now I feeeeeeel good!" (ta-ra-ta-ra-ta-ra-ta) "I know that I would." (ta-ra-ta-ra-ta-ra-ta) "So good!" (ta-ta) "So good!" (ta-ta) "I got you!" (ta-ta-ta-TAH!)

Now maybe this is the result of refraining from eating meat for the past two months. Wow, vegetarianism can be beneficial eh!

Ok, enough of my ego-tripping.

But I still feel the need to sing that song. So I'll sign off here, and sing my heart out.


  1. You lost 12 kilograms in two months? So much? And you think it's only a result of refraining from eating meat...
    Very amazing!!
    I should try the same cause I have 8 kilograms - well arranged - that I urgently should lose. I think I will try eating less fat in the next weeks and simply eating the half.
    Vegetarianism? Hmmm, not bad too. Yet Daniel and Timo like meat and I am usually cooking for them.

  2. Congratulations. I think 145-150 is ideal for 5ft 8.

    Normal weight BMIs are like 18.5-25 they say 19-22 live longer than most. My BMI is about 19. I'm under the charts "ideal" weight but am still in healthy range, by a smidge LOL.

    As long as you're happy & healthy - that is ultimately what matters.

    Also, on a side note.. your page took forever to load and it lagged and I'm 99.9% sure it's due to that video thing... if you haven't already - you may wanna consider removing it and find something with an optional play button. Just a thought.

  3. PureMood,

    I never had problems with the loading speed of my blog. But there I put the controls of the player. Hope this helps.