03 November 2005


Do you know what day is today? I have several reasons to be happy today. That's right, I am happy.

First reason to be happy: Did you know that this post is my one-hundredth post? Yes! I actually continued blogging for me to reach one hundred entries! I have blogged every day, from the time I started this blog last July earlier this year, except for the short period of time after I moved from Manila to Buffalo, when I still didn't have my own computer.

Second: I re-discovered downloading music from the internet again! Yes, corny as it may seem, I re-discovered it. My downloading history can be traced from the old days of Napster, back in 2000. Those were the days when one connects to Napster and the program finds people who have the file you want, and then you would download it, only for the person to disconnect and thus your download would be cut off. Then Napster closed because of copyright issues, and then I shifted to Audiogalaxy, which sucked, and then to Kazaa. Kazaa was good for a while, until the copyright debate caught up with it, and then it sucked too. Now, I discovered BitTorrent (My Dad is the one who actually introduced me to it. Because I don't have a TV in my apartment, he suggested why not download the shows I want to watch?). Instead of downloading shows, I download music, again. And there are some good stuff that I find for my downloads.

Third: Most importantly, I am happy today because I have finished writing the draft for my Historical Linguistics paper! One down, two to go! Good thing I can take this out of my mind for now. I spent three days, since Monday, typing my manuscript, and I in turn produced 16 single-spaced pages of original research. It is a sketch of a language that used to exist hundreds of years ago. Now it is not spoken anymore, but it in turn produced a number of daughter languages that are currently spoken. The requirement for the course was a 15-20 double-spaced paper. However, obviously, I went too far. I just cannot satisfy myself with 20 pages of double-spaced output.

There, those are my three reasons for being happy today. I'll just hit this SUBMIT button and head to bed, hoping for sweet dreams to visit me. And I won't even set the alarm.