04 November 2005


I feel tired today. I have a pile of student's homeworks sitting on top of my office table that is waiting for me to be graded. I have two more papers to write about. I have a presentation for my seminar class that is supposed to happen pretty soon. And I only have five weeks left before the semester ends.


*that is supposed to be an exhale*

Well, I guess I need some rest. So that is what I am going to do tonight.

I'll just finish this with some SNE-style blogging.

*adjusts time and date*

*hits PREVIEW*

*publishes the post*

*makes a compliment to SNE*

*turns laptop off*

*dives to bed*


  1. enjoy that well-deserved rest!

    Zzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzz!

  2. How did you post going to bed after turning off that laptop? You make me wonder...

    Then again, my laptop is accessible from bed, so I'm not one to talk in this case.