18 November 2005


The snow continued today. Even though it didn't snow all day long, the amount was significant enough for the elementary and high schools to close, and to have a considerable amount of the white stuff to remain on top of the cars.

If you are curious as to what happened to my day, it still is the same, busy as usual. Thanksgiving Break will be next week, and the people are desperately extending their vacation that's why fewer and fewer people are showing up in class. And I don't know why but the atmosphere of my TA class was just bad, people were sleeping, and some were just not paying attention. My professor was actually offended with some people and their attitude. Especially since one student who was sitting in the second row was sleeping right in front of her. What is happening people? Are you changing time zones?

I received the students' homework assignment today. And I want to finish grading it by tomorrow morning because I have plenty of things to do after that. I actually started grading the papers the moment my classes ended at five in the afternoon today, and so far I am in the P's now. So that means that I got more than half done.

I cooked something hot and spicy today. I made Fijian Curry. I don't know how curry came to be in Fiji, but I checked it in the encyclopedia, and they say that Hindus actually thrive in Fiji. So maybe that goes with the influence.

Of course, Fijian Curry is vegetarian. It has potatoes, onions, green beans, zucchini, and kidney beans in it. Plus, of course, the curry. It was in time for the weather. The spicy curry made me warm, and I was sweating up to my scalp and my nose was running in no time.

Well, I have to rest by now. Although tired, I am happy that today has been another wonderful day.


  1. You have snow? Would you mind keeping it - I don't really want it this year.

    I wish I could migrate for the winters - Fiji seems like a good plan - or Hibernate. Hibernation would be even better, really, as it's less of a chore.

    Well then, before I lose track - good luck on grading and hold on 'till that holiday with your dignity intact - don't you go falling asleep in class as well!

  2. that's true about fiji. hindus from india migrated to fiji. today, that's one of the things that's dividing fiji because most of the rich are indians, not the original fijians.