11 November 2005


Is it possible to overthink? I guess I have experienced that. I think I overloaded my brain by thinking. I have been running coherence tests in my head and asking others the same questions over and over again, and maybe by this process, I have lost my speaker intuitions.

Let me clarify what I just said.

If someone approaches you and asks you unlimited questions such as:

Do you think that "Max slipped. He spilt a bucket of water." is coherent? Which event happens first? How about "Max slipped. He had spilt a bucket of water?" Would its interpretation be like "Max slipped because he spilt a bucket of water?" or "Max slipped and then he spilt a bucket of water?"

I have been running these tests in my head, asking myself if the sentence pairs are coherent or not. Well, I guess I have fried my brain in the process and I have turned crazy, transformed myself into a frog, racing against missiles and the authorities.

Oh well, I guess I need a rest.

On a different note, I have found an interesting blog, and I thought I would share it with you. This blog is entitled "The Smoking Tongue", and it is a diary of how many days can the author last by eating a bottle of hot sauce every day. And mind you, this is not just regular tabasco. This guy is consuming signature hot sauce, baby! Check the site out. It is definitely interesting.

Well, I must go now. I have fried my brain by this time. I don't want to deep-fry it.

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  1. there can never be a better time to take a rest than this weekend.

    get a good one!