19 November 2005


Friday brought on more snow. I guess this is turning into a weather blog. Well, how can you blame me? I haven't seen snow for more than five years now. But then, I am warm. So don't worry. Nobody is freezing.

I am happy with myself today because I accomplished several things today. I finished grading the papers of my students, after a total of four hours grading. Three hours yesterday and an hour this morning. I arrived on campus (Wait, I live on campus! I meant, I arrived at my office.) at around 7:15. I then turned my laptop on and played music while grading. I am enjoying Chevelle's latest album, and so far I haven't grown tired of it. So after an hour, I was done, and so I was then ready to attend my seminar class.

After the three-hour seminar, I then headed to the Natural Sciences Complex, at the other end of the campus, for an interview. I am gathering data for my discourse paper, and so I am going around campus searching Tagalog native speakers and asking about their intuitions. So far, I still have three people to interview, one tomorrow night, and two on Monday afternoon. After that, then I am ready to analyze the data and finish writing my paper. I have written the preliminaries already, the introduction, the review of related literature, and everything else that is needed before the body.

I also finished writing the handout that I will use for the paper presentation that I will give this Monday. This is for the Historical Linguistics paper. Starting next week, the graduate students will present the contents of their papers in class. And since I am done, I wanted to go ahead and be first, because I wanted to get it over with so I won't have anymore problems.

And so, I did the handout using LaTeX. And it was beautiful, professionally done. Let me show you the first of two pages. Of course, I whited out my name so I would still remain anonymous. Hehe.

What do you think?

Well, so those are the two tasks that I finished today, the grading and the handout. This weekend, I am doing my syntax homework, which wouldn't take much time, and I will of course do my house work. I am also looking for a hat, something that would keep the snow from my head. and I also have a talk that I need to prepare for my religious service this Wednesday.

So, there you have it. Your daily dose of my life.

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  1. It's always a pleasure reading your blog!
    You seemed to be very busy that week - and that handout is well -done, it looks professional. :-)

    The snow news of Buffalo - ... well, we shall have some snow in two days too! Our weather forecast told that in the morning. I am not eager to snow... and reading your snow news makes it not better.

    Have a nice weekend too!
    And I answered you on my site too.